Mobile Legends Best Hero Tier List (Updated)

If you already read this guide, it means you already know that Mobile Legends has 5 different role. Moreover, each role has it’s own signature class.

Mobile Legends has more than 100 heroes divided into various class and role. You need to spend battle points to get most of them. So, before you spend any BP into a useless hero, you better read this tier list and choose the best hero so you won’t feel any regret in the future.

For example, the best hero for jungler is hero from assassin class, usually. But that’s not always be true because sometimes, pro player or even some random people can create a really an unpredictable new meta. X-borg is fighter class hero, but it’s used to be a jungler.

So, instead divide them into an each class, it’s better to divide them into it’s own role. In the end you will play by your role, not your class.

I will give you more example, you get a last pick and your team need a roamer. What will you pick? Tank? That’s not wrong, but, if your team has already pick Barats as an offlaner, you can pick support like Rafaela. The reason is, because your team has already tanking hero, sometimes it’s better to pick a support.

My point is every role doesn’t stuck only on one class. You can pick another class as long as it make sense. And each hero usually can get into multiple class.

Without any further, let’s start the tier list for the best hero.


Best Hero for Now:

Hayabusa – Tier SS

The reason why Hayabusa is very strong in this patch is because his ultimate can focused on enemy that get more stack. His shadows has a longer distance, makes you easier to reach your target. Early until late game, Hayabusa is an overall solid hero.

Amon – Tier SS

Amon is the newest assassin as well the strongest right now. He can be invincible, but what differ him than Natalia is he can deal a LOT more damage than her. Making him perfect for jungler role.

Roger – Tier S

Roger is the best fighter to choose if u want to be a jungler. He has flexibility, hard hitter since early game to late game. Can also be immune to any hit for a few secs.

Yi Sun Shin – Tier S

Mobile legends decide to make Yi Sun Shin as an Assassin/Marksman. Before that happen, this hero is actually already pretty strong, but now, you can use war axe to improve his potential to the next level. Make him probably the fastest jungler and lord slayer. Just like Ling, Yi Sun Shin is kinda hard to play, especially if you have ping more than 20 ms.

Tier A

Lancelot, Paquito, Karina (Tank Build), Bane, Natan, Baxia, Ling, Karina

Tier B

Benedetta, Alucard, Aulus, Granger, Harley, Roger, X-Borg, Barats

Tier C

Karrie, Sun, Kimmy, Hanzo, Leomord, Helcurt


Best Hero for Now:

Yve – Tier SS

The strongest mage right now. Can create a chessboard, and deal damage to any enemy inside that area. One of the best hero to maximize Ice Queen Wand is potential.

Pharsa – Tier S

Alternative if you don’t have Yve. Sure, they both deal a lot of magical damage, but Pharsa can’t slow enemy. Good news is she has a lower cooldown.

Beatrix – Tier S

Bored with magical damage? Beatrix is here to solve your problem. She’s basically the strongest physical damager in early game, that’s why you can use her in midlane.

Tier A

Kagura, Selena, Natan, Lylia, Kadita, Vale, Lunox, Chang’e, Mathilda

Tier B

Luo Yi, Harley, Cyclops, Nana, Brody, Harith, Bane, Clint, Eudora, Cecilion

Tier C

Zhask, Kaja, Saber, Aurora, Odette, Hayabusa, Fusion


Best Hero for Now:

Mathilda – Tier SS

Flexible hero who can deal a lot of damage if you build her as a mage, and can be pretty tanky if you build her as a tank. She can give a lot of utility to your team.

Jawhead – Tier SS

Hero that used to be as an offlaner because he deal some damage in early game. But after a few pro player realize how good is he when use as roamer, his tier get a jump spike to top tier. The best hero to make enemy jungler angry. Number 1 most annoying hero.

Tier S – Selena

Just like Ling, this hero is kinda hard to master, but if you can use her ability perfectly, Selena can more dangerous than any mage. In some situation, 1 arrow can change the game drastically.

Tier A

Khufra, Kaja, Akai, Ruby, Nana, Rafaela, Tigreal, Minotaur, Kadita, Silvana, Estes, Angela, Chou

Tier B

Natalia, Atlas, Gatotkaca, Grock, Hylos, Johnson, Valir, Gloo, Floryn

Tier C

Baxia, Lolita, Diggie, Franco, Benedetta, Belerick, Khaleed, Hilda


Best Hero Right Now:

Beatrix – Tier SS

Like I mention before, she’s the strongest physical damager in early game. Use her to zoning your enemy so they can’t level up. Unlike other hero who’s only got 1 weapon, Beatrix has 4. You can choose whatever you like, but I suggest you to pick SMG for early game.

Brody – Tier SS

Creating distance is what make him OP. You can shoot while moving. Just keep your distance from your enemy and shoot them while they can’t hit you.

Clint – Tier SS

Skill, basic attack, skill, basic attack. Just use that combo and your enemy will disappear in less than 3 second. Hard hitter since early game just like two marksman above.

Natan – Tier SS

Natan is the strongest marksman in late game. Karrie the Tank Killer? In late game, that nickname will become his. One more, his ultimate has a very low cooldown. A lot people even use this only to go through wall.

Wanwan – Tier S

If you face her, don’t let her open her ultimate or you will die (mostly). Kinda hard to learn, but very deadly in mid until late game.

Tier A

Hayabusa, Claude, Pharsa, Harith, Lunox, Aldous, Bruno, Karrie, Bane, Kagura, Popol and Kupa, Kimmy, Alice, Irithel

Tier B

Chang’e, Sun, Kaja, Yi Sun-shin, Argus, Miya, Cyclops, Zhask, Layla, Moskov

Tier C

Hanabi, Lesley, Granger, Saber, Gusion


Best Hero Right Now:

Yu Zhong (Petrify) – Tier SS

Yu Zhong used to use execute, but now, all Mythical Glory or top player always use Petrify. Why? So you can double stun your enemy. Run away from Yu Zhong’s combo is almost impossible now.

Lapu-Lapu – Tier SS

One combo to destroy enemy formation. Almost like Yu Zhong, but he has a very low cooldown, and a little bit tankier. Minus lifesteal of course.

Esmeralda – Tier SS

Give your enemy a shield, and then absorb it plus their HP as well. Using her will make your enemy’s item option limited. Wrong item can make Esmeralda became more powerful.

Tier S

Barats, Paquito, Benedetta, Phoveus, Alice, Balmond

Tier A

Khaleed, Uranus, Baxia, Chou, Thamuz, X-Borg, Gloo

Tier B

Jawhead, Terizla, Masha, Martis, Argus, Dyroth, Guinivere, Silvana

Tier C

Gusion, Leomord, Badang, Hilda, Freya, Aldous, Gatotkaca, Zilong, Alucard

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