11 Best Mage in Mobile Legends Right Now (Ranked)

In Mobile Legends, Mage is one of the most important classes. They are the game controller, especially in the early phase. Having the best Mage in your team can give you a lot of advantages, but the question is, did you know who it is?

Best Mage in Mobile Legends
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I write this guide in order to balance my topic. As you already know, a lot of Assassin players see Mage as their food.

After my previous guide about 10 best Assassin, I think I need to write about who is the best Mage in this mobile game too.

But in this case, I don’t think I need to create a specific post about how to counter them. Not because they are not too important, but because there is no special way.

Using the best Mage, or at least the high tier one is very important. Some of them are not only good in the early games, but until late games. The two best one is actually high-ground hero that is arguably more important than any hero in the team.

Let’s start this list from the 11th first. But first, let me tell you this, deciding who is the best Mage in Mobile Legends is actually the hardest one. Since all of them are not too far in comparison. That’s why this is the only class rank with 11 lists.

11. Vale

Debatable as the king of Burst Damage Mage. As I said, deciding on Mage’s tier list is the hardest one. That’s why I dare enough to start the 11th list with a bold statement like this.

Vale is one of the most banned Mage in Epic Rank. Players are afraid of him because he can literally get savage just by using his combo at the right place and moment.

This hero is a nightmare for a hero without dash ability. If you get Airborne status from his skill, you probably gonna die because they will continue it with his Ultimate.

10. Lunox

If you are afraid of hard to die Hero like Hylos, Tigreal, and any other Tanks in this mobile game. Just bring Lunox to your party. She is a Mage version of Karrie the Tank Killer.

Lunox is a metamorphosis hero that gains new abilities when she transforms. There is 2 mode, defensive and attacking. Both of them are amazing in their own way. There is literally no useless skill.

She has everything you need, dash, immune, burst damage, area damage, healing, etc. Lunox is just a complete package. If you are wondering why I put this kind of hero in the 10th, just wait until you see the others one.

9. Kadita

The master of hiding in the bush. You can instantly kill your enemy if they walk in the wrong bush. She is an Assassin in disguise. But also a Tank because of how hard to kill her.

Playing Kadita needs a lot of passion. You need to wait for a few secs until your prey moves near you. And if they do, just use your combo and your spell. Then escape with a full HP.

For some players, using Kadita is kinda hard because you need to understand macro. You need to know your enemies’ rotation before intercepting their way. If you don’t, then you just wasting your few seconds.

8. Cecilion

Arguably as the best Mage in terms of late game damage. The more minute you play, the better your skill. She is like Aldous. What you need to do since early game is hit Minions as many as possible with your First Skill.

From the enemy’s perspective, facing Cecilion on the battlefield is such a bad experience. He will constantly damage you like a Marksman. It’s like he has no CD at all.

Because of his new buff, you don’t need to worry about her Mana anymore. You can build him as a full Mage DPS. Creating an unstoppable late game hero.

7. Esmeralda

The only Mage in this list that you can’t play as a Midlaner. Instead, use her as an Offlaner. She is the Queen in a 1v1 situation, you can almost face any heroes in Mobile Legends without anything to worry about.

Esmeralda is a true counter to any kind of shield. The more shield your enemy has, the better Esmeralda will perform. She will eat that shield and turn it into her own.

In late game, she can be your main Tank if you build her with defense build. Is that good? The best. You can obliterate your enemies when they can’t do anything about you.

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6. Selena

Do you want to make your enemy frustrated and throw their phone? Then use Selena. This is the best single crowd control hero in Mobile Legends. She is like Franco on steroids.

Some players will probably think that countering Selena is easy because all you need to do is to avoid his skill. But in real game situations, this simple theory is actually very hard to do.

Our eyes are sometimes focusing on the battlefield, minimap, looking for a new item to buy, etc. But how about our hero? That’s the case with Selena. She will use that weakness as her main weapon.

5. Kagura

Kagura is the hardest hero to catch. She is not hard enough to compete with Esmeralda, and not brave enough to compete with Kadita with her amazing healing and immune. But with some creativity, you can outplay any dangerous situations and kill them instead.

She is a monster with her burst damage that package with crowd control ability. In the war moment, you can use her umbrella to aim your target specifically and kill them in less than a second.

Kagura is another Assassin in disguise. She has every requirement to be classified into that role. Escape ability, mechanic to easily aim anything you want, super burst damage that ruins any formations, etc.

4. Lylia

If you are curious about a Mage that focuses on damage only and can destroy any type of enemy, then Lylia is your answer. Don’t let her appearance fools you. She is not a crybaby, instead, she can make all of your enemies cry in defeat.

She is the number one best hero in terms of magical sustained damage. She is even better than late game Cecilion. That’s why some Mobile Legends players prefer to use her as a Sidelaner. Since the early phase, she can bully any type of Marksman, even the top tier one like Brody or Clint.

Not to mention about her Ultimate that reverse his body to 4 secs ago. Meaning that she also has a unique defensive mechanic.

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3. Valentina

The one and only hero that can copy other hero’s Ultimate ability. If you notice, almost all heroes in Mobile Legends’ most dangerous skills are their Ultimate. Copying them is such a big advantage for you and your team.

Not only because of her Ultimate, but Valentina’s Passive is also actually scary. She has the ability to gain more EXP anytime she deals damage to the enemy’s heroes. And if your level is higher, you gain some healing.

Prioritizing Valentina as your first pick hero is probably your best choice. Once you get her, no matter how scary your enemy is, you can mimic their Ultimate.

2. Pharsa

The best Mage in terms of roaming ability, and the second best as a high ground hero. That’s why I place Pharsa to secure the second best. She has many astonishing abilities to help your team.

Pharsa might not have any stun ability like Eudora or Aurora, but you still can kill any squishy heroes before they can’t even think to escape. Because her bird is her Optional Skill, her three others skill is about damage.

Using her Ultimate at the right moment can move the flow of the game. If you aim at the right target, you will win the war, and the game eventually.

1. Yve

Yve and Pharsa are like two similar heroes. Both of them have a great high ground skills to secure the late game. But Yve doesn’t have an escape ability. So why did I put her on the top spot as the best Mage in the Mobile Legends?

Is because her Ultimate Skill is actually far better than what’s Pharsa has. If Pharsa has a great Ultimate, then Yve’s Ultimate is a godlike one. It’s literally the evolved version of Pharsa’s Ultimate. It doesn’t matter which side to look at.

She can create a giant chess table and damage any enemies in that field, without trying hard. You get a shield, super slow ability, better damage, more bullets, more durations.

Also, her Second Skill is sick if you combine it with Ice-Queen Wand.

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