How to Counter All Assassin in Mobile Legends? 4 Easy Steps

Assassin is the most dangerous role for many heroes in Mobile Legends. A lot of players are afraid because of how easy they are to kill their target. Learning how to counter them is a must if you want to win in Mobile Legends.

In the newest META, Assassin class is usually played as a Jungler. All they do is farm and farm in the early minute.

But once the clock starts the mid-game, or when they already have an item and exp ahead, they will start to slaughter any heroes they face. Especially the squishy one like Marksman.

They are very strong almost at any moment. However, I already put the clue on how to counter any Assassin in two paragraphs above.

If you are curious what Assassins validate in my 7 tips below, then let me tell you this, it applies to all Assassins in Mobile Legends.

Just say it, Amon? Hayabusa? Lancelot? You can use these tips that I want to share with you to counter all of them.

Disturb Their Jungle in the Early Game

This is an old META that boomed in early 2021. Especially the Diggie feeder META. Right now, a lot of high-rank players usually prefer to play defensive.

But if you apply this method in Epic to Mythic Numeral, this strategy is still very good. Countering them is not that hard against a team with many selfish players.

The main idea of this method is to disturb the jungle in the early game since that’s the only place they have. They can’t go to their lane because it is useless. If you do this perfectly, their level and gold will be stuck.

And if you are lucky enough, they will prefer to abandon the game and AFK. From Jungler’s perspective, this thing is very frustrated because you can’t do anything about it, except hope that your team is capable enough to help you.

In order to do this, you need a reliable Roamer. This is the most important thing. Your hero must be tanky enough to receive some damage, and at the same time, can deal some amount of damage in the early game.

The second one is teamwork. You can call your Midlaner to help you. But don’t push them to do it, since this is not their main objective. The other one is your solo laner, make sure they see the map when you need any help.

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What you need to do is rush to their farming spot, and attack them. Your damage and toughness is much higher than them in the early game. Don’t be afraid to do it. But still, you need a plan B which is Flicker. Imagine the escape route while you are doing this in case their friends come to help.

Hero recommendations:

  • Best: Tigreal
  • 2nd Best: Jawhead
  • 3rd Best: Franco, and Mathilda
  • Optional: Ruby, Lolita, Baxia

Burst Damage Mage

Maybe this will surprise you, can a squishy hero like Mage counter Assassin? Yes, they can. But only the burst damage one. Not the sustained damage like Change.

In early 2021, Eudora is a monster that can counter all Assassin in this mobile game. Right now, she is still considered as a burst damage Mage, but not really powerful like in her primetime.

This strategy is simple, you just need to hide in the bush and wait for them to pass on your way. When they do, use your skill combo. It will be much better if you use Mage with crowd control ability.

However, if they are not dead yet, you need to be careful because they will target you instead of running away. The result? backfire.

To execute this method, you need to analyze your items and their items. Make sure your items is good enough, and see if they already buy Athena Shield or not.

Hero Recommendations:

  • Best: Selena
  • 2nd Best: Vale
  • 3rd Best: Kagura, and Kadita
  • Optional: Aurora, Eudora, Nana, Lunox, Harley

Lock Hero

Assassin users need to be fast hand, but why? So they can escape any hero that try to counter them.

The best way to counter them besides countering by their gameplay is by locking their mechanics.

By doing this, you make them fail to perform their kill and freestyle in the middle of their attraction. The result is, they died. Even though it looks simple, there is also more snowball effect for the user, which is their mental.

You just ruin their confidence when you succeed. For the Jungler, this is the third mental breaker after failing in Retribution combat and failing to farm in the early game.

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Every Assassin needs to perform their combo in close combat, or in the middle of the battlefield. This kind of mechanic will make it easier to counter them.

Any crowd control hero can do this. But the best one is usually a Tank or Roamer.

Hero Recommendations:

  • Best: Ruby (Nightmare for jump and run Assassins with her second skill)
  • 2nd Best: Chou
  • 3rd Best: Tigreal
  • Alternative: Saber, Zilong, Aurora, Lolita, Akai (Hard to master)

3 Best Item to Counter Assassin

Besides using hero and gameplay, you can counter them with these items:

Winter Truncheon

This is the most favorite item for most high-ranked players in Mobile Legends. With this item, there is a lot of things that can happen to you like waiting until your friends come to help you, or wait until your CD ends.

To maximize this item, once your Winter Truncheon is active, sell it and buy Immortal. In this way, you will double its duration.

You just need to practice it in the Custom Mode, and use the pre-buy feature.

Antique Cuirass

The most expensive item in the defense category that will give so much Physical Defense and HP. It also has a passive that can reduce enemy Physical Attack based on percentage.

Use this item to counter any Physical Assassins in this mobile game.

Athena’s Shield

And for Magical Assassins like Amon or Karina, this is the best in slot item.

However, this item is not as good as Antique Cuirass. So you might need to use Tough Boots also.

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