Edith Best Item Build, Emblem, & Guide 2022 (Mobile Legends)

Edith was released on Christmas Day 2021. Its Mobile Legends is the last hero in 2021. As the closing hero of the year, did Mobile Legends give us a good surprise? Or maybe a bad one? Find out in this Mobile Legends Edith build and guide.

First of all, you can get Edith for free by converting Edith Exchange Token in the Event menu. But how to get that token? Level up your M3 Pass to level 3. This event will be held until 2 January 2022. If you can’t get Edith until that day, you need to buy her for 32.000 Battle Point.

mobile legends edith

Secondly, Edith has a new combination role which is kinda opposite, Tank/Marksman. By that means, Edith is supposed to be a Tank who tanking all the damage, and on the other hand, she needs to deal damage because she is a Marksman too. Seems like Mobile Legends try to release Clint from ban prison by releasing a brand new OP hero.

Because Edith’s role combination is new for us, her build may seem confusing. Either a magic build or a tank build. Which one is better? I will explain that in this Edith item build and guide.

Mobile Legends Edith Passive and Active Skills

Edith and Phylax have a total of 6 skills. She gets 2 bonus skills after she uses her ultimate. Making Edith stronger in terms of stability and battle power. In Phylax mode, her skill damage is Physical. While in her ultimate form which is Edith herself, she will deal Magical Damage in all of her attacks including Skill.

Judge from Edith’s Skills, she has similarity to Yu Zhong. And from that perspective too, her power has not much different from him. Meaning that Edith has the potential to be in the same tier as Yu Zhong, SS tier. Check this Mobile Legends tier list for more information.

Overload (Passive)

After using any skills, Edith and Phylax enter Overloaded status for 3s and makes Edith’s Basic Attack can trigger chain lighting up to 4 enemies. Minions take 150% damage.

Earth Shatter (Phylax Skill 1)

Phylax shatters the ground dealing Physical Damage and knocking up nearby enemies for 1s.

Divine Retribution (Edith Skill 1)

Edith gives Divine Retribution for a few seconds dealing Magical Damage and slow effect in the targeted area.

Onward (Phylax Skill 2)

Phylax dash forward dealing damage along the way. If Phylax hit an enemy, they will be thrown away passing her shoulder. This skill can’t pass a wall.

Lighting Bolt (Edith Skill 2)

Edith hit an enemy with Lightning Bolt and give Immobilize to the first enemy for 0,8s.

Primal Wrath (Ultimate)

Edith get herself out of Phylax and received a shield. In this state, she will use long-range attacks and deal Magical Damage. Also, get 2 new skills. Edith will get bonus Attack Speed and Magical Lifesteal based on how many Wrath she accumulated. Convert Extra Physical Defence and Extra Magical Defence into Magic Power.

Mobile Legends Edith Best Emblem

mobile legends edith

Before we talk about what item builds suit Edith, let’s talk about Edith’s emblem first in this guide. If u see the paragraph above, it says that Edith can turn her bonus defense into Magic Power.

You have 2 options, stack many defenses as much as possible including from her Emblem, or combine it with Magic Item or Emblem. Option one is the best for me. Why? Because you don’t need to worry about Edith’s damage at all. Even if her magic source only comes from her defenses, Edith is still hit like a truck.

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To stack your Passive, you need to get hit. The harder you get hit, the harder your stack will increase. If your build is not tanky enough, you probably gonna die before your stack is full.

Mobile Legends Edith Best Item Build

mobile legends edith

Just like I said before, I prefer to use a full tank build. So in this build, you won’t see any attack item, at all. If you still thinking that you need more damage, you can use Holy Crystal which is give you 100 Magic Power plus 35%. You can use that item to replace Antique Cuirass or Thunder Belt. But still, I don’t recommend that.



Warrior Boots

Prioritise this item first. In early game, this is the best Physical Defence item you can get. If your Goldlane enemy is mage, use Though Boots.

Thunder Belt

This is your defence/attack item. It gives you True Damage, slow nearby enemies. Good for early game, especially.

Athena Shield

The best Magical Defence item. You can use Oracle instead if there is no Burst Damage Mage. 

Brute Force

Give a lot of stuff, increase Movement Speed, Magical and Physical Defence. 


If you really confidence with your skill, or there is no Tank or hard Fighter in your team, then you can replace this item with Dominance Ice.

Antique Quirass

Late game item to save you from enemies Marksman. 

Mobile Legends Edith Best Spell

Mobile Legends Spells give you a lot of choices. Depending on what character you are using, you need to choose it wisely. In Edit’s case, you can use Flicker. There is no better option than this one.

You may argue that Edith can use Aegis too. That’s correct, but only in Phylax mode because she has a dashing ability with her second skill. After using her Ultimate, her non Ultimate Skill will change, and that’s when you lost your dashing skill. If you get trapped in the wrong situations, you will be in danger.

With Flicker, at least you got a chance to escape. So in this Edith’s guide, Flicker is your number 1 choice.

Mobile Legends Edith Gameplay and Role

In this last part of my guide about Edith, I will tell you how to play Edith correctly so you can win any game with less effort.

As a Tank, Edith can be an Initiator. Use her dash in Phylax mode to stun your enemy especially their DPS, while they hit you in order to gain your stack. When the team war began to happen, use your Ultimate to stand back and hit them with your long-range attack.

Because of your full tank builds, you don’t really need to worry about getting hit or even dying. Just know your limit. No matter how tanky you are, getting outnumbered is a real deal. Except if your gold and level are already far away ahead of them.

As for Role, you can use Edith as a Goldlaner or Midlaner. Both of them are good, but Goldlaner is still better. In the end, as a Marksman she can carry the game if is she has gold. Imagine if a tank can’t be killed because your item is better than the DPS who hit you, and at the same time, your damage is really high too. You will be unstoppable.

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