Hayabusa Best Item Build, Emblem, & Guide 2022 (Mobile Legends)

Mobile Legends bring Hayabusa to Land of Dawn as one of the oldest heroes. A lot of gamers have already mastered this hero to the advanced level.

And if you want to become like those people, you’re in the right place, because I will tell you how to play and build the correct item in this Hayabusa guide.

Hayabusa is definitely one of the best Assassins in Mobile Legends. Playing him perfectly with the correct build and gameplay will make your team proud of you, and turn you into a reliable core.

But the problem is, a lot of Assassins are harder to play than other classes, including Hayabusa. If you have a problem with Hayabusa, I will guide you step by step so you can master Hayabusa.

One thing more, once you do that, playing solo will not too hard anymore. Why? Because you will likely dominate the game. With this Hayabusa item build and guide, you will definitely learn something more about him.

How to Get Hayabusa in Mobile Legends?

You can buy Hayabusa from the shop for 32.000 Battle Point. Once you do that, you can go to the Preparations menu and set the best item build and emblem for Hayabusa.

Mobile Legends Hayabusa Item Build

hayabusa item build

Hayabusa has really high damage scaling in the late game. Not just that, since the early game, once you make your first item, he can kill almost every squishy enemy.

I know playing Hayabusa is hard, but we can talk about that later. Right now, the most important thing is how you build him using the perfect item.

Without any further, let’s take a look at how to build Hayabusa.



Swift Boots with Bloody Retribution

Increasing ATK SPD will make your farming faster, especially in early game. But if your enemy make you uncomfortable, you change it to Tough Boots or Warrior Boots.

War Axe

The best first item for every Assassin, including Hayabusa.

Blade of Despair

After you make this item, you will get a huge damage boost. Everything will be much more easier. 

Endless Battle

Hayabusa need a True Damage because he use Basic Attack between his combo.

Malefic Roar

To kill Fighter or even Tank.

Immortality or Hunter Strike

Prioritize Immortality first. You can change it to Hunter Strike when its in CD.

You can use that Hayabusa item built on every condition, literally. No matter if your enemy using double Mage, or even double Tank.

That build has the perfect combination of Physical Attack, Penetration, and even protection from Immortality.

Just set it in your Preparations menu, and you’re good to go without anything to worry about.

Mobile Legends Hayabusa Emblem Build

hayabusa emblem build

Hayabusa has no other choices rather than Assassin emblem. While Killing Spree is the only talent that you need.

I will tell the reason below in the gameplay section. But before you go there, you need to understand how his skills work in this Hayabusa guide.

Mobile Legends Hayabusa Passive and Active Skills

To make Hayabusa into a truly killer ninja, understanding all of his skills is important. All of them give Hayabusa a great synergize to take down any enemies.

After revamping a few times through the years. Right now, Hayabusa’s skills are in his primetime, and this how his skills look like:

Ninjutsu: Trace of Shadows (Passive)

Any Hayabusa’s damage will apply a stack of Shadow Mark to the enemy. Max 4 stacks. Each stack lasts for 6s and will increase his damage by 5%.

  • TIPS: This Passive is really important to make your Ultimate Skill focusing on 1 target only. So make sure your target got a 4 stacks before you choose to eliminate them with your it.

Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken (Skill 1)

Hayabusa deals damage and slows the enemy by throwing three returning shuriken. He also get a 3% Spell Vamp each time this skill got level up.

  • TIPS: This is your main damage source in the early games when your Ultimate Skill is still weak. I will tell you in the gameplay section so you can use it twice to one target.

Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow (Skill 2)

Hayabusa releases 4 phantoms that go in 4 directions. When this phantom hits the enemy, they will get slow and Hayabusa can teleport to them.

  • TIPS: You can use all the four phantoms to go anywhere as long as the skill is not on CD. Fast hand and timing are what differentiates the pros from the newbies. Also, in order to get better combos and stacking, you need to memorize all the phantom locations.

Ougi: Shadow Kill (Ultimate Skill)

Hayabusa becomes a shadow itself and deals damage to multiple single-target attacks to nearby enemies. The target will be focused on anyone who got a lot of Shadow Mark stacks. The stacks will be consumed each second to deal extra damage.

  • TIPS: The main reason why Hayabusa is so popular among players. When you do this, you become immunes to any kind of attack. But, Flicker will stop this skill. You need to maximize your stack before using this skill, except, they are totally alone.

Mobile Legends Hayabusa Spell, Gameplay, and Combo


In the old-time, Hayabusa can be used as a Sidelaner. But now, you can only play him as a Jungler. Meaning that you need Retribution for Hayabusa. No other spell can replace it.

Early Game

Look at the map and search for the Lithowanderer, if he appears on top (aka left side) of the river, you can kill the Purple Buff first, and go for the Lithowanderer as your second target.

Your main objective is to clear all the jungle in this early phase guide. Use your skill 2 to move faster. Roam through all lanes and help your team by killing enemies. These are the advantages of any Assassins hero in Mobile Legends, including Hayabusa.

If you try to kill your enemies, loot at your skill CD first.

Killing Spree will help you run away easier since it gives you MOV SPD and HP bonuses. And one more thing, there’s no CD. Sometimes, it even gives you another chance to get more kills.

Mid Game

Aim for the Turtle and try your best to last hit them using Retribution. Make sure you are in the correct position so you can last hit it without being interrupted.

Right now, after 5 minutes pass, try to clear the minions on the mid lane. Is up to you whether you want to use your Ultimate or not. But for me, I will keep it to kill enemy heroes. In this state, Hayabusa’s ultimate is very important.

You can split push, or aim for the lonely enemy. If you really think you can kill them, just do it. Hayabusa can do this very well.

If you do this on the right path, you should be Lv. 15 in ten minutes. Your item build should be more than half.

Late Game

In the Hayabusa late game guide, this is where you need to stick with your team. Killing an enemy by yourself will be much harder because your enemy is already stuck into one solid group.

Your main objective is to wait for the Lord to come up and kill it. But before you do that, I suggest that you kill enemy Jungler first. Or at least, you have the number of advantages like all of your team members are still alive, while one of them is dead.

Last hitting Lord with Hayabusa is kinda hard because his Skill 1 can’t do much damage like Lancelot for example.

Save your Skill 2 only to escape or kill squishy heroes. Don’t spam it just for passing wall or moving faster, except you really need it.

Hayabusa Combo


hayabusa skill hard

Use your Skill 2 to your squishy target. Press Skill 1 and quickly use your Skill 2 to move left or right. Your target will get hit by the tip of your shuriken. Now, use again your Skill 2 to teleport to them. Press Basic Attack, and your Skill 1 should be reset so you can press it again. Use your Ultimate Skill and Skill 1 once again.


hayabusa easy combo

Skill 2 is a like compass, you need to aim it in the right direction. For example, the enemy’s squishy heroes. Press your Skill 1 and teleport to them. This will make all of your returning shurikens penetrate through your target. Use your Basic Attack one time and finish it with your Ultimate Skill. If your enemy is still alive, you can use your Skill 1 again. Return to your friends using the phantom that you left behind.


Hayabusa is easier to play when your Ultimate Skill is still Lv. 1. Because the duration is shorter, you can travel back any time without any worry.

But once you leveled up it to Lv. 3, you better be more careful because a lot of players can’t go back in time. They get surrounded by a lot of enemies and don’t have any clue how to run away.

Mobile Legends Hayabusa Pros and Cons



Has a high damage since early game.

Need concentration to memorize all the phantoms location.

Easy to escape.

Hard to use for new player

Become Immune when using Ultimate Skill.

Moonton always nerf him, even though he still powerful.

Unique playing style.

Long duration of Ultimate Skill sometimes become very dangerous to yourself.

Even though Hayabusa is very strong. There is no perfect hero except the new one. He has a few lacks that make some people use another hero rather than him.

Mobile Legends Counter for Hayabusa

  • Item and Spell: Winter Truncheon is the best item to counter Hayabusa. Once you activate it and become frozen, Hayabusa can’t harm you anymore. For spell, the best one is Flicker. Moonton nerf him so much even a spell can counter him.
  • Hero: Any CC heroes can counter Hayabusa, but the best one is definitely Ruby. She only need to use her Skill 2. Be careful when you see her walking around when your shadow is still active.

Final Though for Hayabusa

Hayabusa is powerful. I put him in the S-tier in this tier list.

Besides that you need a proper build to maximize his damage scaling, you also need to know how to play Hayabusa. By reading this Hayabusa guide, I hope your understanding of him is increased.

If you compare it with Ling, for example, Hayabusa is actually easier. Playing him is about how to synergize all of your skills to create a maximum stack before you use your Ultimate Skills.

But be careful cause you need to know your limit too. Make sure you still have time to get back in case they try to surround you.

Playing Hayabusa in this way will get you the best result.

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