Lolita Best Item Build, Emblem, & Guide 2022 (Mobile Legends)

Mobile Legends create Lolita with delightful a heart, she is the only character in Mobile Legends that can hold any Ranged Basic Attack. Usually, how to build Lolita is depending on what’s your enemy. But, I will tell you the most balanced build that you can use in any situation.

If Pharsa and Yve is the second-best counter to Marksman, then Lolita is the champion. Lolita is also the best tanker in Mobile Legends. Especially in this year because Mobile Legends buff so many Marksman in the game.

She also has the almost perfect combination in terms of skills, that the other Tanks can’t have. You can basically do anything when playing Lolita. Just name it, shield? stun? dash? Lolita can give you that.

Unlike Atlast that has a poor defense even though he’s a Tank. With Lolita, you don’t really need to worry about that, especially if you know how to build Lolita with the perfect item and emblem.

So let’s take at how to build Lolita so you can maximize her potential into the true best tanker in Mobile Legends.

How to Get Lolita in Mobile Legends?

You can buy her in the Shop or Heroes menu for 32.000 Battle Point. If you have already unlocked her, then you can go to the Preparations menu and start choosing her best build.

Mobile Legends Lolita Item Build

Keep in mind this thing, Lolita is the best hero to counter any Ranged Basic Attack.

So if your enemy’s main damage dealer is 1 melee and 1 range, you need to prioritize the melee hero first.

The reason is simple, since Lolita has a shield, range hero isn’t a threat to her. Except, that hero super OP like Nathan. Then you need to reconsider that thought.

I’ve created two sample build that you can use depending on your enemy’s hero composition.

ML lolita item build

You can use the first one if your enemy has a deadly melee magical hero like Karina. Your shield is useless against him.

The second one is if you see a hero like Lancelot. This hero can instantly kill you, if your preparation does not good enough.



Though Boots

Since a lot of Marksman is using Physical Damage, this item is better than Warrior Boots. Also, this item have a passive that decrease Crowd Control duration.

Athena Shield

Your main threat in early game is Magical Damage, especially since you can protecy youself from Physical Damage. This is the best item to counter any type of Mage.

Dominance Ice

This item is very important to decrease enemy healing. Even though they don't have Estes, you still need this item to reduce Lifesteal. 

Brute Force

This the best item to counter any Physical Damage. You still need this item even when you can counter any Marksman, because in the end, Physical Damage doesn't belong only to them. 


Don't die in late game because Lolita is an Initiator. Your presence is very important to your team, not only to protect them, but to open and turn the war into your winning condition.

Guardian Helmet

This item very suitabable with Lolita's Passive, where you will a get a bonus when you don't get any attack. 

Both of those samples actually have the same items. I just rearrange it to match your situation.

Even though Lolita is an SS-tier hero, you still need to be careful against other high-tier damage dealers. They are basically just like you in terms of overall power, but, because they farm a lot, their item gonna beat you.

Mobile Legends Lolita Emblem Build

ML lolita emblem build

Lolita doesn’t need a MOV SPD, so stick with your Tank emblem. This is very important especially in the early games where everyone doesn’t have any item to build.

For the talent, you can choose between Concussive Blast or Tenacity.

What did you choose? If you choose Tenacity, congrats cause you’re right, but if you choose Concussive Blast, you’re still right too.

It depends on what’s you prefer. If you want to poke your enemy in early until mid-game, then Concussive Blast is better. But for the late game, Tenacity is far better.

Mobile Legends Lolita Passive and Active Skills

Passive Skills

Noumenon Energy Core

If Lolita takes no damage in 5s, she will get a shield that can take 300 (+40*Hero Level) from her Noumenon Energy Core. If allies approach Lolita, they will also get a shield.

Active Skills

Charge (Skill 1)

Lolita dashes and enchant her next Basic Attack.

  • Lv. 1: 10s CD, 70 Mana, 200 Base Damage, 7,5% Extra Damage.
  • Lv. 2: 10s CD, 80 Mana, 255 Base Damage, 8,0% Extra Damage.
  • Lv. 3: 10s CD, 90 Mana, 310 Base Damage, 8,5% Extra Damage.
  • Lv. 4: 10s CD, 100 Mana, 365 Base Damage, 9,0% Extra Damage.
  • Lv. 5: 10s CD, 110 Mana, 420 Base Damage, 9,5% Extra Damage.
  • Lv. 6: 10s CD, 120 Mana, 475 Base Damage, 10,0% Extra Damage.

Tips: Don’t use this skill only to poke enemies, if you are already sure that there are no enemies in the next 10 seconds, use this skill to shorten your travel distance. After you dash, press again this skill ASAP to surprise your enemies. You can combine it with your other skills, or escape in case your war does not go according to plan.

Guardian’s Bulwark (Skill 2)

Using her shield, Lolita blocks any Ranged Basic Attack and Projectiles. Press again to launch Energy Blast to the targeted area. The more she got attacked during this state, the harder the blast.

  • Lv.1 : 17,5 CD, 90 Mana, 300 Base Damage.
  • Lv.2 : 17,0 CD, 95 Mana, 340 Base Damage.
  • Lv.3 : 16,5 CD, 100 Mana, 380 Base Damage.
  • Lv.4 : 16,0 CD, 105 Mana, 420 Base Damage.
  • Lv.5 : 15,5 CD, 110 Mana, 460 Base Damage.
  • Lv.6 : 15,0 CD, 115 Mana, 500 Base Damage.

Tips: If you want to poke your enemy, you can use your Skill 1 first to cut your distance. Then use this skill to prevent them from attacking you. Just let your friends deal damage while you do your job as a protector. Whether they gonna attack you or not, you’re still in a win-win position. Cause you are the one that makes the initiate first.

Noumenon Blast (Ultimate Skill)

Lolita charges for a few seconds and slows enemies in a fan-shaped area. Press again to stun enemies while dealing damage according to the charge time.

  • Lv.1 : 48 CD, 120 Mana, 350 Min Damage, 700 Max Damage.
  • Lv.2 : 43 CD, 140 Mana, 500 Min Damage, 1000 Max Damage.
  • Lv.3 : 38 CD, 160 Mana, 650 Min Damage, 1300 Max Damage.

Tips: You better use this skill in a bush, so your enemy doesn’t know your charges. But before you do this, it will be much better if your allies are already in that bush too. Surprise! 5 seconds later, the enemy has been wipeout!

Lolita Combo

Use Ultimate Skill first, after they get stunned, stun them again using your Skill 1. Use your skill 2 as your optional skill in case they are still alive and try to attack back.

ML lolita combo

You can combine your Ultimate Skill with Flicker to create another shock therapy besides charging in the bush. This combo works much better if you are in an open position like a war in the lane. Keep in mind to save your other skills before charging to your enemies. Make sure that your Ultimate Skill is always your initiator attack.

Mobile Legends Lolita Pros and Cons



Second best hero to save allies from enemies chasing.

When Lolita using her shield, enemy prefer to wait until its done. 

Best hero to counter Marksman.

Depending on enemy picking.

Lolita,s charges can't be seen when she hide in the bush.

Need a time to charges her Ultimate Skill, making Lolita easy to counter by any CC heroes.

Perfect synergize with Flicker

Her skin is scrimpy

Best Strategies for Lolita in Mobile Legends


Pick Lolita If

Don't Pick Lolita if

Your enemy using Marksman. Lolita is basically the best counter for them.

No Marksman in enemy team. You just wasting one of her potential.

You like Tigreal, but still can't mastering his combo.

Prefer to use support healer like Estes.

Instant wipeout.

Afraid to die to protect your allies.

Playing with your friends. Lolita's Ultimate Skill will perform better if your team have a good teamwork.

A lot stunner from enemy team, especially Yu Zhong. He can cancel your ult easily.

You like her Japanese Voice.

You don't like her.


Flicker is her number 1 best option. No other spell can replace it. Why? because Lolita can combine it with her Ultimate and Skill 1. See? 2 Skills.

Even if other heroes can only combine it with 1 skill only, it’s always be better to use Flicker. But Lolita can use 2.

I don’t think there is a reason for Lolita to use another spell rather than Flicker. But if you have any suggestions, please tell in the comment down below.

Role and Lane

Lolita is a Tanker, and a little bit Support with her passive that gives a shield to allies.

When we’re talking about protecting allies, Lolita is one the best in Mobile Legends. Let’s imagine this situation, your friend Aldous gets surrounded by 3 enemy heroes, you just need to open your Ultimate to slow them, and they will stop chasing Aldous.

Very simple and easy. Ah, and if in that conditions your friend’s backup already arrives, your Ultimate will turn the table because you’re gonna likely stun three of them, and definitely will win the war.

As a Roamer, don’t forget to build a Roaming item so your Midlaner can win the early game.


Early Game

Always put your eyes on your Jungler. If you sense any dangerous feeling gonna happen to them, you better open the map.

But if you don’t, then you can help your Midlaner to clear the lane. Use your Skill 1 to poke the enemy’s Midlaner, and even zone them.

Your stun is a threat that they’re not gonna underestimate. I know that you don’t have any damage, but how about your Midlaner? When they get stunned by your skill, your Midlaner will get a chance to poke them.

With Lolita, you can even create a space in the early game. Building shoe item depends on what you need.

Keep your eyes on the map, and watch your teammate. What I mean by this is not only their health, but the enemies’ health too. If you see your friends almost winning their by1, tell your Midlaner to come with you to help them, but don’t take the last hit.

First, you need to hide in the bush. If your enemy moving to you, just use your Skill 1 to stun them.

And if they don’t, you can combine it with your Flicker to cut the distance. Don’t be afraid of getting hit by the turret. Otherwise, is your task to do that so your allies can dive in.

Mid Game

Maybe you already got your first item build. Now, you will be harder to die, in theory. Because your enemies will also get their first item.

Your job as a Tank Roamer will be much harder, especially because the enemy Jungler is already can farm in the lane. You need to be more careful right now.

Instead of sticking with your Midlaner, you need to prioritize your Jungler or Goldlaner. Since they are meant to be your carry in the late game.

In this position, you can’t spam your Skill 1 just to shorten your travel distance, you always have to make sure it’s ready in case your friend gets ambushed.

If that scenario becomes reality, just stun their DPS, and let your friend run away. But, if your friend tries to help you instead, open your Skill 2 to protect him. Keep your Ultimate until your enemy’s already using their Crowd Control.

Now, if your allies try to push the turrets in Gold or EXP Lane, don’t hit the turret. The main reason isn’t that you don’t have damage, but because you need to open the map so your allies can prepare before enemies come.

Call your friend to come when you predict their gonna come to you, while you, open your Ultimate to surprise them. Keep in mind that you do this in the bush.

Late Game

This is the moment when you, even as Tank, dying can be very dangerous. The Cool Down is very long which makes the enemy has a space to take down Lord or even destroy your tower.

Your Item build might be is already in the half process, but you still need to remember that the enemies damage dealer already has more items than you.

You still need to protect your friends, but try to think it twice before sacrificing your life for them. Because in the late game, only a Jungler has the highest position to prioritize.

But that doesn’t mean you always need to stick with them. For example, if your Jungler is taking a buff and you already mark every enemy position, then you can leave them alone.

Opening any bush so your friends can get a clear vision is your main objective. Do this if you already at least spot one or two enemies on the map, and their location is not too close to you.

But be careful if you don’t know any of their locations. In that case, they already hide in a bush and prepare to open the war. If you walk in the wrong direction, you will die before opening your Ultimate Skill.

So you better wait and let them come to you, or at least appear in minimap. Playing Lolita needs a lot of patience because you need to charge your ult. Just make sure your allies have that too before they ruin everything.

When your friends hit the Lord, make sure you know where’s the enemy’s Jungler or their Burst Damage hero like Vale for example. If you don’t, then you need to roam and find them before they steal the Lord and kill your Jungler.

If you already do that, try to hide in the bush, and always be ready to open your ult.

Allies and Counters for Lolita


Burst Damage Heroes

Lolita’s wide stun area is suitable to combine with heroes that have burst damage. A lot of Mages can do this very well. That’s why you need to get close to them since the early game.

Stunner Area

Chain stun is always the best combo in Mobile Legends. If you partnered with this kind of hero, you better use your Ultimate Skill once they’ve done it first. Why? because you need to charges. Ruby is the best since she can pull them with the Flicker combo.


Yu Zhong

Any CC heroes are actually can counter Lolita, but Yu Zhong, is very unpredictable. And to make it worse, you can’t open your Ultimate Skill if he is still in his dragon form.

Final Thought for Lolita

Lolita is the second-best hero in order to protect allies, after Akai. But still, Lolita is easier to use, and has a lot of other things to offer, like giving a shield to allies, shield to deflect range attack, and even her perfect synergize with Flicker.

Because of her shield, building her items is more flexible than other Tankers. Making it easier to stick with the only double build set over and over.

In other words, Lolita is the best tanker in Mobile Legends right now.

But unfortunately, you can’t her use if there’s no Marksman in the enemies team. But, if you want to use her because of how good is her shock therapy, then yes, you still can use her.

So that’s it, Lolita’s build, strategies, and guides.

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