Pharsa Best Item Build, Emblem, & Guide 2022 (Mobile Legends)

Mobile Legends decide to nerf Pharsa very hard in 2020. But still, for a few high-rank players, or even esport teams, Pharsa is still one of the most dangerous Mage and the second-best Mage in Mobile Legends. Especially, if you know how to build her.

Even though Pharsa is powerful, playing her is not as easy as other Mage. You can’t just spam your skill combo just like when you use Eudora, for example. You need to aim your skill to make it effective.

Fortunately, Pharsa is still the same as other Mage in terms of early game damage. So yes, don’t worry to become useless when we’re talking about early game.

Building an item for Pharsa is not too hard. You can even use the same build sample in every match, and every condition.

But, what are those items? Is it a really good item for Pharsa? Yes, and I will tell you on down below, including the complete guide on how to play Pharsa.

How to Get Pharsa in Mobile Legends?

You can buy her using 32.000 Battle Point in the Shop or Heroes menu. Once you get her, go to the Preparations menu and set the item build that I’m gonna show you.

Mobile Legends Pharsa Item Build

pharsa item build

Like we already know, Mage is sensitive to Assassin. Pharsa can’t go outside and break that stereotype.

But, she can counter almost every Marksman in Mobile Legends, even the new hero Edith scares her too. She is too strong that even makes the enemy decide to not use Marksman.

And how to do that? First of all, you need to know how to build Pharsa.



Magic Shoes or Arcane Boots

Both of them is equal. It only depend with what you prefer. For me, Arcana Boots is better because her damage scaling in late game. 

Clock of Destiny

This is the most important item for Pharsa in early game. You need to buy this ASAP so you can achieve its full stack quicker. 

Lightning Truncheon

Combo this item with Clock of Destiny, and see how painful it is when you use it on Pharsa. 

Holy Crystal

Because your target is Marksman, this item can give you so much Magic Power. 

Divine Glaive

This is your item to kill enemy Fighter or even Tank. 

Blood Wings

I don't really think Pharsa need any defensive item. But if you say so, then use this item, it will give you a lot shield. And more damage also.

Like I said before, that build is actually very powerful in every condition. Pharsa itself can turn into a bird and run away easily passing any wall. With that being said, you don’t really need any defensive item.

Stacking her Magical Attack, and Magic Penetration to its limit, can make any Marksman run away only with one burst damage from your Ultimate Skill.

Building her in this way is very good if you know how to position Pharsa as a Mage, or a Nuker.

But if you don’t, better use my second item build. It will provide you with Immortality.

Mobile Legends Pharsa Emblem Build

pharsa emblem build

Pharsa can only use Mage emblem. That’s the rule that applies to almost every Mage, including Pharsa.

While in her talent, you can choose between Mystery Shop or Magic Worship. Both of them have their advantages.

Mystery Shop will make you buy Clock of Destiny faster. While Magic Worship can give more damage.

Mobile Legends Pharsa Passive and Active Skills

Pharsa just like Hayabusa, in terms of how perfectly synergize all of their skills, both of them is almost perfect.

She is a complete Mage that can deal a lot of damage, mini-stun, fast movement, and more importantly a long-range attack to counter any Marksman in Mobile Legends.

Even though Pharsa isn’t as powerful as in her primetime, she’s still a reliable Mage, and this is what her skills look like:

Spiritual Unity (Passive)

After 10s, Verri (her bird) will help Pharsa’s next attack and slow them for 1s.

  • Tips: This skill also effect to her Basic Attack. Meaning that you can create more combo before harasing your enemies with your Air Strike.

Curse of Crow (Skill 1)

Pharsa dealing 300 (+120% Total Magic Power) magical damage in a small rounded location, and marking them for 4s. If she attack the marked enemy, they will get stunned for 1s.

  • Tips: It can stun your enemies. Meaning that you need an interval between this skill and her Passive. You better activate this skill before using her Ultimate Skill. Also, if you combine it with her Optional Skill, and if you are lucky and good enough, you can escape an Assassin that tries to kill you.

Energy Impact (Skill 2)

Pharsa dealing 425(+145% Total Magic Power) magic damage in a designated direction.

  • Tips: It doesn’t bring you more value outside damaging enemies. But, this skill is very effective to clear minion before you choose to roam and leaving your lane.

Feathered Air Strike (Ultimate Skill)

Pharsa launching magic air strike into targeted area dealing 570 (+160% Total Magic Power) damage.

  • Tips: This is her signature skill that make her can counter any Marksman or even other Mage. You have two option to use it: by tapping it or aim manually. If you just facing one enemy, just tap it to make it quickly. In war, unless you active your targeting to the lowest HP, don’t tap it. Even though you already do that, it still better to manually aim it so you can make sure you hit the right target.

Wings by Wings (Optional Skill)

Pharsa becomes the bird itself. She will get 80% bonus Movement Speed for 5s. If she got attacked during this mode, she will turn back to her human form again.

  • Tips: It has a very low CD. You can use it to travel between any lane easily. Also, as a bird, you have an ability to passing through any wall. In hard situation, you can even go outside the map, just like Yu Zhong’s dragon form.

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Mobile Legends Pharsa Spell, Gameplay, and Combo


You have two options between Flicker and Flameshot. Both of them are very good for Pharsa.

  • Flicker: In case you don’t know, you can use Flicker not just to run away. When you are on Airstrike Mode (Ultimate Skill), you can use your flicker. Meaning that you have access to increase your range, which is already very wide.
  • Flameshot: Last hit spell that you can use in case your target isn’t dead yet. Also, you can deflect any melee hero that comes to you.

For me personally, I prefer to use Flameshot. This is one of the most useful spell, especially for Mage. You can read this spell guide to see it in more depth.

Early Game

Pharsa has two roles right now; Midlaner and Sidelaner. I still prefer, a lot actually, to use Pharsa as a Midlaner, because she can travel to any lane more easily. After all, fast roaming is one of the reasons why Pharsa is a META hero.

Don’t abandon your Lane, especially after your Turret Plating is gone. Your job, even though to help other lanes, is also protecting Mid Lane.

You need a lot of Gold to buy Clock of Destiny. And if you can, make it as fast as possible. That item has a stack to help you through the mid game until the late game.

If you want to make it faster, you can use Mystery Shop talent.

Mid Game

Keep sticking with your Roamer, or when your Jungler already has damage, you can roam with them too.

When your Jungler decides to eliminate Turtle, poke it using all of your damage skill except Ultimate. Why? Because you need to zone your enemies using your Air Strike.

Help your Roamer so your enemies can not get pass through and interfere with your Jungler. Zoning is Pharsa’s specialty.

Late Game

Don’t roam alone even when your bird is ready. A lot of Assassin doesn’t really care about any of this. Once they attack you in your bird form, you die.

Both in winning or pressured positions, Pharsa is the key to winning the war.

If your team pushing the lane with Lord for example. Use your Ultimate Skill when they try to hit your Lord. This will make them run away and let your team hit their tower.

Also, you better keep your Ultimate active even though they already run away, to make sure they don’t come back.

Pharsa Combo

pharsa combo

Press Skill 2 first, continue with Basic Attack to slow them, and follow it with your Skill 1 to stun them. While they are in that state, press or aim your Ultimate Skill. Just spam it and make sure you use it precisely. The last thing you can do is use your Flameshot before they go too far.

That’s the most popular Pharsa combo to kill target that appears in front of you, or you can use it to gank someone.

But in a war situation, you only need to care about your Air Strike. That’s the most important thing from her.

You only need her Skill 1 and Skill 2 if there’s an enemy that tries to approach you.

Mobile Legends Pharsa Pros and Cons



Ultra wide range attac.k making her into a reliable high ground

Kinda hard to learn as a mage.

Easy to escape.

Sometimes people banned her.

Great damager until late game.

With Yve, she has a rival now.

Mobile Legends always make her skin looks really beautiful.

Mobile Legends Counter for Pharsa

Item and Spell: Flicker is the best to counter Pharsa’s Air Strike. For item, no item that can really counter her.

Athena Shield? Pharsa is my first mage guide, later, I don’t think I even need to mention it. It’s like, You don’t say.

Hero: Any Assassin, with Lancelot as the hardest one to escape since he can dash quickly to any living thing.

Final Thought for Pharsa

Pharsa can rival Yve as the two best Mage in Mobile Legends right now. If your enemy picks Yve as their high-ground hero, Pharsa can also do her job pretty well with the same result.

If you want to know which Mage can carry the game, Pharsa is one of them. She is very OP from early until late game.

She is not just one of the most picked heroes in Rank, but also in Tournament. Many players get scared because of how wide her skill range is.

I put her in SS-tier in this Mobile Legends tier list.

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