Mobile Legends Role and Class Guide: Choose the Perfect One

Mobile Legends just like any other Moba Games have a few different classes and roles. But, did you know what role is suited you the most? Or which one did you think is the best role for you?

All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. I can’t say that this class or this role is better than the other. What important is, all of them are useful in Mobile Legends.

Even though there is no useless role, you still need to figure it out which one you gonna use. Because in the end, all of these roles have different playstyle and gameplay.

And if you are still not sure about your answer. I will explain it in this Mobile Legends role and class guide.

Mobile Legends Roles and Classes

I will divide all these roles according to what Mobile Legends want, and how a lot of Mythical Glory players play.

These are the role that is suited to every match condition. Meaning that you don’t need any other role than these 5 in your team party. Once your team has 5 of these, your team is complete.

I put this list based on nothing. It is just a random list. Being the first does not mean as the hardest or the best role in Mobile Legends.

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Perfect for: Assassin

This is the role you pick if want to carry your team. All of your team members will babysit you so you can get maximum farming.

Is it selfish? No, because that’s how Jungler works. You need a lot of gold and exp to boost your damage so you can clear as many objectives as possible.

What differentiates Jungler from any role, or what makes this role is considered the hardest one in Mobile Legends is because you need to get the Turtle and Lord. You also need to bring a Retribution Spell all the time.

I know that’s a simple thing, but wait until you get into the Retribution battle. In here, you need a lot of concentration to last hit the Turtle and Lord. All your team member put their hope on your shoulder.

If you win, you get praise. But if you fail, you disappoint your team. It is okay if you fail once or twice, but what happens if you keep failing from time to time?

I guess you already know the answer.

Hayabusa is one of the best and longest meta Assassins in Mobile Legends.


Perfect for: Marksman

Sidelaner, Goldlaner, and Safelaner is the same role. Yes, this role has many names depending on what country they call it. But basically, they have the same purpose.

If you play this role, your main objective is to farm as hard as you can from the first minute. So what is the difference between Sidelaner and Jungler? You don’t need to last hit any Turtle or Lord.

In other words, this is the easier role if you want to carry your team, but with less responsibility.

But wait, you need to be careful because your lane will be the main ganking target. Three, even four player will gank you at the same time.

Why? Because you gonna carry the game, especially in the late game, and they will try their best to prevent that.

Put your focus on the mini-map. This is the best way if you play solo games. But if you play with your friends, then you can ask your Roamer to babysit you in the early game.

Edith is one of the strongest Marksman in the game.


Perfect for: Tank and Support

I will tell you this first, don’t be afraid to die to protect your allies.

You can gain gold and exp from Roam Item. Meaning that you don’t need to farm at all, while your allies need to clear any objective.

If they die, they will be stuck for some seconds without any improvement. But by protecting them, even though by sacrificing yourself, you can prevent that.

This simple thing will lead your team to victory. And by doing this, it never makes your presence is useless. The most selfless role in Mobile Legends is definitely Roamer.

There is 2 main carry in Mobile Legends: Jungler and Sidelaner. Protecting both of them is your main priority. The other two are also important, but you can see them as your second objective.

Also, playing Tank is usually harder than Support. Because you need to open the war carefully. If you initiate the war when your team is not ready, you can lose the game, only from one war.

That’s what people call a snowball effect.

Lolita is one of the best Tankers in Mobile Legends to fit this role.


Perfect for: Fighter

Do you like by1? Then this is the perfect role for you.

Since the early game, you will face the enemy’s Offlaner to decide who got the best mechanics.

What important is you need to pick the strongest hero that you can use. Especially the hard-hitting hero, but at the same time, they hard to die.

A fighter is the best class when we talk about this. Any META fighter can do this perfectly.

Emblem is also an important part. You need to at least have Fighter Emblem at Lv. 40. Because your main damage source other than item is your emblem, especially in the early game.

The main difference between Offlaner and Sidelaner is you don’t need to focus on farm. You should put your focus on helping your team when there’s war. Meaning that you also need to roam.

Don’t stay on the lane too long. Keep your balance between roaming and protecting your turret.


Perfect for: Mage

Midlaner plays an important part in the game. Your main focus is to protect the mid turret, which is the most important turret in Mobile Legends.

When you fail to do this, your map and jungle will be much easier to infiltrate. They will hide in your bush and making your farm rotation limited.

But fortunately, almost every Mage is easy to play and newbie friendly in term of mechanics, and have the perfect capability to clear minions very fast.

Just like Offlaner, protecting your lane doesn’t mean that you need to stick on the lane every minute.

You also need to rotate to other lanes and help them. Keep your balance like you play as an Offlaner.

Pharsa is one of the best heroes to play as Midlaner Role.

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