Mobile Legends Spells Guide: Top 4 Most Useful

To help you win the game, Mobile Legends offers a various spell to choose. Unfortunately, only a few them are proven to be useful in a lot of different situations. I can’t say the rest of them is trash, but when a lot of people prefer to abandon them, I think it’s kinda fair to say that you better not to use them too.

There are 12 spells, only one of them you can use in one game. Choosing the wrong spell can create a different gameplay, making your gameplay feels a lot harder than it’s supposed to be. Otherwise, if you choose the right spell, one of your problem will be solved.

Basically, spell is a tool to give you one more ability besides your hero’s skills. For instance, execute give you an ability to instant kill your enemy when their health is low. Interesting, right? But there a few more spells that are better than execute, and can be used for a lot of heroes.

Unlike active skill that get reduced cooldown when you leveling up, spell doesn’t that. Make sure you thinking twice before using them. Different spell has different cooldown. The longest one is 120 seconds. But remember, longer cooldown doesn’t mean that spell is worse than the others.

Without any further lets take a look at those spells. I will tell you the four best first. Those numbers doesn’t determinate their ranking.

Top 4 Spells in Mobile Legends

1. Flicker

Cooldown: 120 seconds – Player Level: 19

Flicker is arguably the most useful spell in Mobile Legends. All roles, except jungler can use it. You can teleport in short distance for many reasons like chasing enemies, or even run from them.

For a few hero like Tigreal for example, you can use flicker to surprise your enemy with your ultimate. Combining active skill and spell can change the course of the game. Just make sure you understand the timing before using them.

2. Retribution

Cooldown: 35 seconds – Player Level: 3

Retribution is a must for jungler. Without it your not a jungler anymore. In preparation, you will see 3 retributions based on their effect to your enemy. To simplify it, Mobile Legends give each of them a different colors. The purple on is the best, especially for assassin. Many mythical glory players choose that too. It’s like a mini execute.

3. Flameshot

Cooldown: 50 seconds – Player Level: 17

If a mage already has an escape ability, they will use flameshot instead of flicker. Just like flicker, flameshot can be used in many ways. You want to steal your enemy jungler’s buff? Just throw your flameshot at the right direction and moment. You want to escape Gusion’s dash? This spell is his nightmare.

4. Aegis

Cooldown: 90 seconds – Player Level: 11

Best spell for many supports like Rafaela or Estes. When you press it, you and your teammate with the lowest HP gain a shield for 5 seconds. What I like about this spell is you don’t need a requirement to gain it’s maximum potential, except for level of course. It doesn’t depend on how much your HP or magic power.

6 Mediocre Spells in Mobile Legends

In this category, if your hero doesn’t really need it, it’s better to avoid those spells. What I mean is, some hero like Yu Zhong can get it’s full potential if you use petrify, but the others one like Barats maybe, gets nothing with it. These spells can be really helpfull for a specific character only.

1. Petrify

Cooldown: 90 seconds – Player Level: 13

Stun your enemy for 0,8 seconds. Really quick, right? What make it goods is because you can use it on many enemies at the same time. Just make sure you are on the right position.

Just like I mention before, Yu Zhong is the best one to use petrify.

2. Purify

Cooldown: 90 seconds – Player Level: 15

Purify is an escape spell. You get stun and want to escape from it? Use this. You also get a little bit movement speed bonus. Purify kinda looks like as an useful spell, that’s right, especially because Mobile Legends has a lot of stunner heroes. But this spell only can be functional when you get reckless.

Claude is probably the best one to use this spell because his ultimate force him to attack enemies backline.

3. Vengeance

Cooldown: 75 seconds – Player Level: 23

Vengeance just like it’s name, is a spell to reflect your enemies damage to themselves. Based on that description, it’s a cool spell until you tried it yourself in a match or see the number. Yes, it can kill your enemies for doing nothing, but only the stupid can get into that trap. In a lot of cases, your enemies will keep attacking you because it only drain their health a little bit.

Thamuz is definitely the best one to use Vengeance. Thamuz is Thamuz because this spell.

4. Arrival

Cooldown: 75 seconds – Player Level: 21

Arrival is a game changer, sometimes. Even when only a few people use Arrival, this spell is actually not that bad. You can teleport to a minion around the map and split push. What make this spell is really good is because that minion can’t get any hit before you arrive. The same things is applied to tower or base as well. This spell can be used as an attacking or defensive spell, depend on what you need.

Sun is the fastest tower destroyer, and because his revamp that give him an escape ability, he doesn’t depend on flicker or sprint anymore. Arrival is his new signature spell. But a lot of people still prefer flicker for an additional escape ability.

5. Revitalize

What makes an support user confused is to choose between revitalize or aegis. Both of them is good. The reasons why aegis is more popular is because of it’s flexibility. Revitalize will a create pool that regenerates your HP, and increasing HP regen as well. In some situations, this spell can become useless. Right after you use this spell, your enemies prefer to run, what will you do? Chasing them and leave your pool?

Use this spell at the right moment, and you will win the war.

6. Execute

Cooldown: 90 seconds – Player Level: 1

Instant kill your enemy when their HP is already low. Very helpful spell especially for an assassin. If you last hit your enemy with execute, you will get 40% cooldown reduction. If your enemy has more gold, you will likely to lose, but this spell can help you narrow the distance between your target’s gold and yours. And for your info, execute can penetrate aegis.

Saber and Natalia is the best heroes to use execute. Sometimes, your target doesn’t die after you already use your combo, this spell helps you to do the job.

2 Bad Spells in Mobile Legends

Not only because my opinion, but you will rarely see any Mobile Legends players use these spells. Yes is still has it’s own function, but people still prefer to abandon them like they are nothing. The reason is actually simple, why use one of them when Mobile Legends offers us a better one?

1. Sprint

Cooldown: 100 seconds – Player Level: 7

Sprint is an escape ability just like flicker. It gives you additional movement speed bonus that you can use to chasing your enemy, or even running from them. It has lower cooldown than flicker, but why a lot players still doesn’t use it? Because it’s lacks element of surprise. No matter where you go, your enemy still recognize your movement, and what make it’s worse is because you can’t create any combo with it, unlike flicker.

2. Inspire

Cooldown: 60 seconds – Player Level: 5

This spell often used to represent how well you know Mobile Legends. You maybe thinking that this spell is an good idea for MM like Miya, because it can increase her damage. Yes it’s true, but your teammate while immediately consider you as an newbie that doesn’t know if MM isn’t only about dealing damage. In the end, you can’t deal any damage if you die. That’s why a lot people prefer to use escaping spells like flicker or purify, even for Miya.

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