Mobile Legends Ultimate Guide: How to Get Started

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a common thing in Asian countries, especially in Southeast Asia. A lot of people, no matter how old are they, from children to oldster, play this game. I created this Mobile Legends guide in order to help them, and you of course, so you won’t get blamed or reported by your teammate because of playing noob.

It’s like they can’t spend a day without playing this game. I write this because I see a lot of people are already addicted to this game. No, I’m not blaming them. It’s their choice after all. But, I’m always curious why this mobile game become so popular? What makes it so special?

mobile legends guide

And from what I see, Montoon as the developer was already trying to expand this game to western countries. A lot of their advertising, especially on YouTube, uses Caucasian people to promote their game.

So, is it work? Or do they fail?

I don’t think that they fail. In fact, if you look at English language youtuber like Hororo-chan for example, her views always get at least 50.000. She already did this a long time ago. Far before M3 was held in Singapore.

Maybe ur the one person that caused the increase, and by searching for this topic, maybe you need some tips and tricks to get out from a specific tier. That’s why I’m trying to help you by writing this Mobile Legends guide.

First of all, Mobile Legends is fundamentally the same as Dota 2 or League of Legends. All of them are specified into the MOBA genre; multiplayer online battle arena. But, Mobile Legends is a mobile game, where you play by tapping some skill or moving the analog.

You play with one team consisting of 5 players including you. Your mission is to destroy the enemy base before they could do that. To do that, you need to get some gold to buy an item and increase your exp to leveling up so you can get some new skills. Just like Dota 2, right?

A lot of people think, if they can master Dota 2, Mobile Legends is an easy peasy game. They are not wrong. Some of the players of the high-level tournament are the proof: Rekt from EVOS, R7 from RRQ, and Facehugger from Aura.

Of course not everyone can become a pro player, it’s a lot of different things. But for casual players with the aim of only having fun, or maybe reaching Mythic tier even Mythical Glory, I’m sure they can do that.

But in the end, not everyone plays Dota 2 or League of Legends, or know the basics of MOBA game, so by reading this guide, I hope u can get some clues on how to beat your anger when u were losing streak, and prevent that to happen in the future.

Mobile Legends Guide to Grinding in Early Stage

There’s a thing called Emblem and Talent that can help you win the early game. But the problem is, u need a little bit of time before you can maximize it. Also, you need to upgrade your Account Level so you can unlock more Spells.

What makes it worse, there’s a lot of Emblems that you need to level up before you can achieve its maximum potential.

Basically, these Emblems are there for a more specified role. For example, Assassin Emblem is usually used by Assassin Hero or Jungler role.

So it’s a good idea to focus on one role first in an early stage of your account. It’s a lot harder to increase some emblem simultaneously because it cost a lot more resources.

Upgrade one emblem at least to level 40 to get the third Talent option. It depends on your situation on how many levels you want to upgrade.

If you want to stick to the same role, just upgrade it to the max level. But I don’t recommend this because you need to at least, use another role in case your team member already used your role.

Focusing on one specific Emblem can be a good idea if you are playing with your friends. Don’t do this if you play solo. Because you won’t get any role or Hero you want in every situation.

Once your friend is already used your role, there is no other option than back down and use a different role. Control your emotion and let them do what they want, if they are playing noob, just report them. Let Montoon punish them.

Mobile Legends Guide About Party vs Solo

There’s a lot of debates about this topic. What’s better, playing with your friend? Or maybe playing solo and teamed up with some random public? The simple answer is it depends on your situation, but I still prefer to play with a party.

Some people live in a place where Mobile Legends is a common game, it’s will make you easier to find some good players and team up with them and get new friends.

And for the other people, finding a good player is a little bit harder because in their area, people don’t even know what Mobile Legends is.

Just make sure that you and your friend have the same mindset. I mean, if you play this game only because you are bored, and your friend takes this game seriously, maybe they will blame you if you play noob. And in the worse case, your relationship with your friend will be broken.

The argument about why solo is better is because when you play solo, your enemy will solo too. So if your party doesn’t have good teamwork, strategy, clear positioning, etc. Maybe, it’s better if u play solo if u want to make this game more serious.

If you don’t have real friends who play Mobile Legends, then you can find them on Facebook Groups. There’s a lot of groups about party searching. You can join a few groups to find the best one.

Even though it looks very easy, keep remember that you are not the only one who picks or chooses, they will choose you as well. Judging about your stat account or skill. If your overall win rate or even hero win rate is bad, some people might try to avoid you.

In the end, it’s up to you whether you want to play solo or party.

Mobile Legends Guide About Higher Tier = Harder Enemy

This is simply common sense, and Mobile Legends apply the same thing too. You can beat the Warrior tier and go to Elite in a single seat.

You do that day by day and in the end, until you get stuck in Grandmaster or maybe Epic rank. This, when you realize that this game isn’t that easy as a lot of people say.

Usually, there are two problems when u face this moment. First, you or maybe your team playing this game in the wrong way. Second, your enemy is just too good to beat; this is a normal thing in some countries because some noobies use GB (rent a Mythical Glory or even top global to play their accounts) service to boost their rank in an unethical way.

When you face that player, it’s better if u surrender as soon as you can. I’m not trying to get you down or underestimate your skill, I’m just trying to spill the fact that Mobile Legends has a bad community if you look by this angel.

Even the pros have a hard time beating those GB players. There’s a reason why they got paid just to boost some people’s rank.

I believe once you achieve at least Legend rank by your skill, without using any GB methods, your experience and skill will drastically increase too.

So even when you are facing some high skill enemy, you already got a high skill too. Just be confident with whats you got. Clearing the Epic tier is not an easy job. If you can do that, it means you are already good enough.

Mobile Legends Guide to Play on Classic First

After two tips above, or the basic fundamental, now we can get into a more technical way. Classic is a mode where you don’t need to worry about your rank if you lose. Of course, the same goes the other way around.

So why this mode is needed? The simple answer is practice. Especially if you choose to play solo. You don’t want to be a liability for your team, right?

In your progress, you will find some people just playing around or even trolling the game. But don’t worry, just play the game as you want to play, mind urself only.

I know it’s kinda selfish, but the main objective of Classic mode is to increase your skill, especially your mechanic of the hero you choose. Wining is just a bonus to increase your win rate.

But lately, since early 2021, a lot of people prefer to choose Classic as their method to increase hero win rate. I don’t say that they are wrong. But what you need to know is, because people like them, playing Classic is really hard nowadays.

A lot people become serious even though is just a Classic, they don’t want their win rate to get dropped.

For people who just playing this game within a month, I don’t this is a good environment for them. I feel bad for newbies who want to try a new hero and get blamed because they can’t play correctly. I mean, how can they play well if they don’t even know how to play it?

Mobile Legends Guide to Map

Mobile Legends’s map is divided into three lane. Each lane has 3 turrets to protect your main base. So in total, there are 9 turrets or towers.

There’s a river that divides the two teams. In the early game, Turtle is your main goal to achieve. This is important because it can give some exp to your all team member, and give a shield to the one who gets the last hit.

And don’t forget about those 9 turrets. This is also your important objective from early until late game. The Midlane’s turrets are the most important ones. Protect yours, and destroy their turrets once the Turret Plating is over.

Turret is very important because it protects your area, especially your jungle. Once your turret gets destroyed, especially your middle one, your jungle will be your enemy.

Your team will have a farming difficulty. If you can’t turn back this situation, your enemy’s gold and level will lead far away from you.

At minute 9, Turtle will change to Lord. This will help you to destroy enemies turrets or even base because u will get super minions as well.

Once you get a lord, make sure to push all of your lanes. If you do it right, you can destroy all of their turrets within a minute.

Also, there are two buff and other jungle monsters. Give all of them to your Jungler so they can level up faster. Help them if they need.

Your Jungler is your main carry. Protect and give them everything they need. I know its kinda selfish, but that’s how a carry work. They have a responsibility to carry and win the game, so the others have a responsibility to support them.

Mobile Legends Guide to Role

In the NEXT PROJECT that Moonton develop in late 2020, they try to make this game more similar to the PC MOBA. By doing that, role is one of the most affected things in those updates.

There are five roles for each player. I can’t tell you which one should u play because in the end, it’s according to yourself.


Like its name, your job is to roam to help your team member. Whenever your friends having trouble, you need to be as soon as possible. I recommend you to use a tank or support. This job is a selfless job. If you need to sacrifice yourself for your teamate, then do it without any hesitation.


Your job is to protect Midlane. Clear some minions and defend the turret. Because in this lane u have easier access to the other lane, after you make sure there are no minions, u can help your roamer to help the other lane. I recommend you to use a mage or hard hitting hero in the early game.


This is probably the hardest role in Mobile Legends. Eliminate all the jungle including double buff. Moonton facilitates them only to get killed by you. Before 5 minutes, focus on the jungle only and don’t clear the minion wave. After that, get objective like turtle, lord, and enemy’s tower. Don’t forget to kill as much as you can. Choose Assassin.



Farming and farming, this is your main goal in early mid game. Try to get the last hit when u kill a minions, this will help you to increase your gold faster. After 10 minutes, you are as important as jungler because you can deal so much damage, thanks to your item. Just like Offlaner, pick your hero carefully. I prefer to use Marksman.

All of them have their jobs to do. There is no easy one. All of them are hard in their own way. For example, Jungler is hard because you need to farm fast, and Roamer is hard because you need to help and protect all your teammates and make the right decision.

After maybe a hundred matches playing with different roles, you will understand what really suits you up.

Some people really good at playing Jungler, but on the other hand, when they play as a Roamer, they will have a hard time. This is a common thing actually.

Or you can play the role that’s you like the most. This can be worked because when you play with a cheerful mind, your gameplay will get improved too. You know, bad emotions like anger can make your mind cloudy, making your critical thinking ruined.

Mobile Legends Guide to Hero

As I mentioned before, some lane needs a stronger to win the game. Actually, every role needs the best hero too.

The best way to know what’s the best hero in every role is to watch some tournaments. Especially higher level tournaments like MPL, MSC, and M3.

Of course, seeing tier list in some articles can help you too, but where’s the information source of the best tier list come from? Or maybe, why did Mytichal Glory players always pick this hero first and ban the others? Tournaments. They refer to what a pro players doing.

By watching tournaments, u can watch and observe by yourself. You can see what’s the most pick or priority pick.

Banned hero can be a source too. But usually, a pro player has banned a hero because there’s a really good player in another team that can maximize a hero’s potential. Not because it’s an OP hero.

If u can’t watch tournaments and prefer to read a tier list, then you can read this Mobile Legends best hero tier list.

I give you all hero’s tier list and classify them into their suitable roles. You can read those guides and start planning and what your Emblem that needs to upgrade first, and what hero you are gonna buy next.

In early account, it is very important to spend on the META heroes first than the weaker ones. Stronger heroes can affect your gameplay so much, and make your climbing tier to tier progress much easier.

Mobile Legends Guide to Item

Why do you need to collect gold as much and as fast as you can? So you can buy more items faster than your enemy. Item is your secondary priority (after tower) if you want to outplay your enemy.

But what if you build the wrong item? The gold that you already collect will be useless. That’s why picking the right item is an important thing.

Mobile Legends doesn’t have a complex and complicated item as you see in Dota 2, where you need to learn every item and put them in different heroes in every condition.

There are a few items that can counter a hero or skill or the other item, but that’s only a few. What important is you know what’s your hero is type; Physical or Magical. Then build an item based on that type.

Basically, one role only use one item build. Like an Assassin for example, if you see what top players use in Hayabusa, the same thing applies to Ling.

The role that’s kinda more complicated is Tank, because you need to adapt to what’s your enemy hero or build.

To make it simple, you can copy what top global is used. If want to use Tigreal and don’t know how to build him, then you can see and copy what Tigreal top global using. As a top global, they usually know how to balance their items and fit them perfectly in almost any condition.

Or you can see my build in each hero. Right now this is what I already make:

Mobile Legends Guide to Spell

Spell is an important factor too. It can drastically change the game if you choose the right one or even the wrong spell.

Mobile Legends has 12 spells right now. Each of them has its own function. Some of them become high tier spells because a lot of players use them. And some of them become useless spells because only low tier players want to use them.

Retribution is a must pick for Jungler, without this ur not a Jungler anymore. Flicker is a multifunctional spell because you can use it to teleport in close range.

That’s the two most used spells right now, especially flicker. Every role, except Jungler can use this perfectly.

Execute, Petrify, and Aegis is the second tier spell u can use too. It’s good, but not as good as flicker.

Execute can kill enemy instantly if their health became very low. Petrify can stun your enemy for 0.8s. Aegis can create a shield.

You may read this guide for more detailed information, Mobile Legends spells guide.

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