Yin Complete Wiki Guide: Items Build & Tips (Mobile Legends)

Yin is the new Mobile Legends hero in 2022. As the latest fighter in Mobile Legends, some players expect Moonton to release another new OP hero. And people will start to ask, how to build the best item for Yin? I will answer that in this Yin wiki guide.

If you are familiar with Jujutsu Kaisen, you probably notice that Yin’s Ultimate Skill is kinda similar to “Domain Expansion” in that anime.

Seems cool, at least for me. But on the real battlefield, this skill is a little bit confusing.

Not because of Yin’s mechanics, but finding the right moment to use it. Because if you activate Yin’s Domain Expansion without thinking twice, you will likely get killed.

Yin is very famous even before he gets officially released on the original server. Many Mobile Legends fans have already created many Tiktok videos about him. Making people’s expectations grow from time to time.

After Yin’s got a release, what do you think about Yin? Is Yin OP like what Mobile Legends always do in their previous new hero? Or Yin is just another random guy that people will forget in just a few weeks?

Before deciding that, let’s look at how to build the best items for Yin and a guide to playing him correctly. And also the first part of this wiki guide for Yin.

How to Get Yin in Mobile Legends?

You can buy Yin in the Heroes menu or Shop for 32.000 Battle Point. After you’ve done that, go to the Preparations menu and start building Yin’s best items.

Mobile Legends Yin Items Build Guide

Yin is a fighter that specializes in 1v1 situations. So how to build Yin is by following that concept.

Yin Item Build
Picture by Moonton

Use the best items that can maximize Yin’s damage and defence simultaneously.

Yin is a skill dependent hero. Meaning that you deal damage and create a sustained lifesteal is from your skill. Not a basic attack.



Warrior Boots

You can change this item if your laning enemy is mage hero. This is the most important item in the early state. It can give you a great price to performance ratio.

War Axe

To maximize this item, you need to poke your enemy first to get a full stacks. After that, release your domain expansion.

Bloodlust Axe

In Lieh form, your Skill 1 have a lot of spell vamp. Bloodlust Axe will take that lifesteal to the new level.

Blade of Despair

The best item in term of physical DMG. This is your third item because of its price.


After three damage items, you better start to invest on your toughness, and Immortality is one of your best choice.

Athena's Shield

This is your item to tanking magic damage, but you can replace it with another item like Brute Force.

Those are the best items built for Yin in Mobile Legends that you can use in any situation. But in terms of your toughness capability, you still need to change your DEF item according to your enemies.

Building Yin’s damage is just copy-use; you don’t need to re-arrange or change it. Except for Yin’s defensive department.

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Mobile Legends Yin Emblem Build Guide

Yin Emblem Build
Picture by Moonton

As I said, Yin specializes in 1v1 situations with his Ultimate Skill. Fortunately, Mobile Legends has already created an emblem talent that supports this.

Like any other Assassin in Mobile Legends, you need to spend your point on Mov. Speed and Penetration.

Use High and Dry to amplify your 1v1 capability for Yin for the talent. This talent is the best you can get to maximize Yin’s best.

Mobile Legends Yin Passive and Active Skills Guide

Passive Skill

Leave it to Me

Increase Yin’s damage by 120% when there’s are no allied heroes besides Yin.

Tips: Basically, all of Yin’s skills are to support Yin’s capability in 1v1 situations. Not too much in the early game, but you will see that 20% scaling is a big number in the late game. This passive is one example.

Active Skills

Charged Punch (Skill 1)

Yin gains bonus Mov. Speed and Basic Attack for 3s. If Yin hits an enemy in this state, Yin will throw another punch and reduce the enemy’s CD by 35%.

  • Lv. 1: 11s CD, 25 Basic Attack DMG, 320 Extra DMG
  • Lv. 2: 10,4s CD, 40 Basic Attack DMG, 360 Extra DMG
  • Lv. 3: 9,8s CD, 55 Basic Attack DMG, 400 Extra DMG
  • Lv. 4: 9,2s CD, 70 Basic Attack DMG, 440 Extra DMG
  • Lv. 5: 8,6s CD, 85 Basic Attack DMG, 480 Extra DMG
  • Lv. 6: 8s CD, 100 Basic Attack DMG, 520 Extra DMG

Tips: This is Yin’s main damage source in an early state. Use this skill to poke your enemy and win the earlier moment. What makes it better is it has a low CD.

Instant Blast (Skill 2)

Yin dashes forward, creating a Golden Ring on his back while dealing damage on his path. Yin gets damage reduction if it successfully hits an enemy. After a short delay, the Golden Ring will come back to Yin, dealing damage along its path and stunning them for 1s.

  • Lv. 1: 13s CD, 75 Base DMG, 150 Extra DMG
  • Lv. 2: 12,4s CD, 90 Base DMG, 180 Extra DMG
  • Lv. 3: 11,8s CD, 105 Base DMG, 210 Extra DMG
  • Lv. 4: 11,2s CD, 120 Base DMG, 240 Extra DMG
  • Lv. 5: 10,6s CD, 135 Base DMG, 270 Extra DMG
  • Lv. 6: 10s CD, 150 Base DMG, 300 Extra DMG

Tips: Escaping ability for Yin, especially after Yin uses his domain expansion. To maximize your poking damage, use Yin’s Skill 1 first before dashing to your enemy.

My Turn (Ultimate Skill)

Yin brings one enemy to his domain for 8s and turns into Lieh with extra skills and defense. In this domain, no other heroes can attack both of them.

If Lieh wins, Yin will restore some of his own HP and reset all Non-Ultimate Skills.

  • Lv. 1: 60s CD, 20 Extra DEF
  • Lv. 2: 55s CD, 40 Extra DEF
  • Lv. 3: 50s CD, 60 Extra DEF

Tips: You can use Yin’s Ultimate Skill to prevent your enemy from running away. Tap it, and they will have no other choice but to fight you. In Lieh mode, all of Yin’s ability is increased. So don’t worry to lose.

Wiki Guide to Combo

Yin’s combo is very easy. You need to poke your enemy in Yin’s normal state, use all of your skills, then open your Ultimate Skill.

When Yin is in Lieh state, use your Skill 2 first before using Yin Skill 1. Yin’s Skill 1 is a multi-combination of fast punching, so you better stun them first with your Skill 2.

After your enemy is defeated, Yin’s skills CD will be reset; use it to run away.

Mobile Legends Yin Pros and Cons



High tier hero in early game

By1 specialist, but have a few hero that can kill Yin, even in his own domain

Traping enemy to prevent them from escape

In some situations, their friends will surrounds you to prevent you from escaping

In Lieh mode, Yin's damage is really high

Long Skill Ultimate CD

Easy to build and doesn't have mana

Hard to aim the right target

Best Strategies for Yin in Mobile Legends

Wiki Guide to Drafting

Pick Yin if

Don't Pick Yin if

Enemies use DPS hero

A lot of HP regenartion hero in enemies team

Need a powerful Offlaner

Need a AoE heroes

You like traping enemy and make them hopeless

Too much thingking about whos gonna win in your domain

You like his animation skill in his ultimate form

Doens't like Yin

Wiki Guide to Spell

For Yin, you have two options, Flicker or Execute.

Both are equally good; you need to choose them by looking at your enemies’ situations.

If you think there is so much danger that will probably make you get killed, you better use Flicker. Even though Yin’s already have his escape skill.

But if you are confident enough, then you can use Execute. Just make sure you use this spell when your target’s HP is already very low.

Wiki Guide to Role and Lane

As a fighter, Yin’s best position is definitely Offlaner. Especially when we’re talking about how good is he while doing this.

Since the early game, Yin is already very powerful with his skill combo to poke any kind of Fighters.

And when you get your Ultimate Skill, you will likely gonna win the 1v1 battle. I’m not exaggerating when talking about Yin’s early capability; Yin is just too strong as an Offlaner.

So there are no better things to do except take this advantage.

Wiki Guide to Gameplay

Early Game

As I said, he is too powerful in the early state with Yin’s buffed abilities.

Your first step in the early game is poking your laning enemy as much as you can. After unlocking your Ultimate Skill, poke your enemy at least until half HP, then use Yin’s Lieh mode to kill them.

Roam to mid lane and help your teammate. Or you can erase your enemy’s turret plating and get 300 golds.

Mid Game

Look at your mini-map carefully. Your enemies will start to gank you because they already realize that you are a threat to them.

You can use Yin’s Ultimate if you see that your allies are coming to you; this will buy some time so you will still be alive when they have arrived.

But if they prefer to get another objective, you better use your other skills to help you run away.

Late Game

Like any other Fighters, you need to focus on clearing minions. Not only for your lane but the other two.

Yin is very important in the late game to take down any kind of DPS, especially Marksman. In a 5v5 war situation, this is your main objective.

You should win the game with all of you have, even though their items are mostly on the same level as you or even better.

Keep remember that Yin’s main specialize is to kill any hero in 1v1. You don’t need to be afraid with Marksman.

It would be best to be careful about heroes with HP regeneration capability like Yu Zhong or Uranus. Don’t you dare to put them in your domain.

Wiki Guide to Allies and Counters for Yin


Every Hero

Yin does not need a combo with other heroes. Yin is a lone wolf that roams in his own way.


HP Regeneration

Your domain is useless against this kind of hero, especially in the late game. You better run or choose another target to kill.

Yin’s weakness is he only gets regeneration from items alone. While those heroes can also get from their skill combos.

Hero example: Lapu-Lapu, Yu Zhong, Uranus, and Ruby.

Final Thought for Yin

The last part of Yin’s wiki guide. Yin is powerful in his own way. But overall, he is not that good to ruin the game’s balance just by Yin’s presence.

Yin is a by1 specialist, but in the late game, there are still some heroes that can kill Yin in his own domain.

Yin is probably Moonton’s first move to stop making new OP heroes. In this Mobile Legends tier list, I put Yin as an A-tier hero.

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