Cookie Run Oven Smash, Upcoming New Games from Devsisters

Devsisters is one of the most famous South Korean mobile game developers. After their success with the Cookie Run Kingdom in 2021, they already have a big project this year with Cookie Run Oven Smash.

Not just that, they also have 2 more games called Cookie Run The Witch’s Castle and Cookie Run Project B. All of them are planned to be released this year, with Cookie Run Oven Smash as their first upcoming game.

So today, let’s focus on that mobile game first, and also PC game as well. Yes, they are planning to release this game on Steam. So good news for every PC enjoyer.

This is the first time Devsisters’ tried to expand their wings to other platforms. With their big name, this game is probably will not gonna let you down.

Cookie Run Oven Smash is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), if you are already familiar with League of Legends, Pokemon Unite, and Mobile Legends, I don’t think you will get a hard time understanding this game’s mechanics when it got released.

Like any other MOBA game, you will play one character and cooperate with your allies to clear any objective like clearing minions, destroying turrets, defeating other characters, etc.

And also, each character will have its own unique abilities and skills. Meaning that you need to choose your favorite characters, and roles as well.

This game will release in 2022. But there is no exact information about the month and the date.

As I said, among the three games they’ve already introduced, Cookie Run Oven Smash will be the first one to release.

If you are looking for a pre-registration page, unfortunately, they still not creating any official announcement in Play Store, App Store, even their official page. Right now you can only do this in TapTap.

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