Vainglory: Legion of One Closed Alpha (iOS and Android)

Vainglory was one the best MOBA in the mobile industry. Even though its name is not popular as Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, and LoL Wild Rift. But still, people used to love this game for its uniqueness, and how beautifully crafted the graphic and map design.

And now, Vainglory open its closed alpha test. If you want to join or sign-up, you can visit the link in here: Legion of One. They also mention that this event only for the first 500 gamers that respond.

What Kind of Game is This?

Instead of using the same formula like they do in the old time, they prefer to combine MOBA genre with Battle Royale. How is that possible? Or, is it gonna work? You will know the answer if you become that 500 persons.

Release Date?

From their website, Vainglory: Legion of One doesn’t mention when their gonna releases this game. Because this game is still in early progress. But don’t worry because they developed this game a lot faster than the their previous game.

Who is Developer?

Bazooka Tango is the team that developed this game, in case you’re wondering, who are they? Look at Vainglory All Star. Unfortunately, I never play that game, and from what I know, it has a bad rating in Play Store, which is 2/5.

But, they created this game with the mindset to listening from gamer’s feedback. And they tell, they gonna take it seriously. They learn from their experience and try to be better

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