Tap Titans 2 Beginner Guide: Best 12 Tips to Progress Faster

Tap Titans 2 is the pioneer of the tap genre of mobile games. Just like its name, all you need to do is tap and swipe to clear any challenges. But in order to progress faster, you need to know what’s your main priority. In this Tap Titans 2 beginner guide, I will share with you the top 12 tips to progress faster.

Tap Titans 2 is already released a few years ago by Game Hive Corporation, to be exact in December 2016. Very old, right? But in fact, a lot of players are still playing this mobile game. Even many are just trying.

The main point to understanding this guide is by knowing what Tap Titans 2’s first. In this mobile game, your main objective is to defeat any titans you face at different stages. To help you do that, Tap Titans 2 gives you many features like increasing your Tap Damage, giving support like Hero and Pet, Artifacts, Prestige, etc.

The simple and yet effective guide in Tap Titans 2 is by upgrading all of them. But the problem is, it’s not efficient. You need to grind your time, even to clear stage 500, you need a few days.

But with this Tap Titans 2 guide that I will share with you, you can do that in less than 3 hours. The fact is, if you have more time to play, you can even reach stages 650, even 700.

So let’s start this Tap Titans 2 beginner guide with the first tips.

Guide 1: Focus on Tap Damage First

In the early games, especially the first hour of Tap Titans 2, Tap Damage is your main weapon to defeat any kind of titans. You don’t even need to buy a single Hero. Yes, you are not reading it wrong, don’t buy Hero. This is my first tip for you.

Allocate all of your gold to increase your Tap Damage, or your Sword Master. You will see a big number of improvements once you do it from time to time. Aim for the multiple damages that you get after twenty level upgrade.

And by that means, you need to focus on your Artifact build also. There is an Artifact called Drunken Hammer, if you get this, upgrade it to minimal level 15.

“But this playing style gonna make me tired,” you may say. Of course, and that’s very understandable in a game like Tap Titans 2, but there is a way to get the fastest tapping speed just by swiping your touch screen. Let’s continue to the second guide.

Guide 2: Unlock All the Freemium Features in Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 Guide Freemium
Picture by Gamehive

In Tap Titans 2, you can unlock bonus features for free that seem like a premium thing where you need to spend money in order to get it.

This is how you do it, in the Sword Master menu, scroll down until you find Mega Boost and Power Swiping.

In Mega Boost, you can get up to x25 damage for 4h. It’s a lot of damage in the early phase. You better claim it even though you need to watch a video promotion.

While Power Swiping will allow you to swipe your screen instead of tapping it with the fastest speed for 12h. You don’t need to watch anything. It’s free for the first activation.

Both of those bonuses are great buffs for your Tap Titans 2 account.

Guide 3: Complete All the Achievement that Tap Titans 2 Gives to You

Tap Titans 2 just like any other RPG game, to help your account grow faster, they facilitate all the players with a lot of achievement to complete, with some rewards as an exchange. Besides helping you to understand the basic mechanic of the Tap Titans 2.

Almost all of the achievements will give you some piece of Diamonds that you can use for many things, like buying Pet, open premium chest, spoiler all the item, etc.

All of them are useful, but let me tell you the most important one in the next section of this Tap Titans 2 guide.

Guide 4: Spent Your Diamonds on Pet

Pet is the second most important support for Sword Master after Heroes. What differs Pet from Hero is they have a more universal bonus like increasing Tap DMG, Hero Damage, and even Gold.

All Pet in Tap Titans 2 is a bird, but they have their own name, ability, and looks. You need to be careful before you decide to buy your first Pet because of how limited your Diamonds are.

My tip for you is to buy it depending on your Artifacts and items. To get both of them, you need to gacha, you can’t choose to get this Artifact or this item. Meanwhile, you can choose what Pet did you want.

In my case, I buy Harker because I get a lot of enhancement from the Magic Hero. I was lucky enough to get a Legendary item that increase Magic Hero DMG. Harker is there to amplify it even further.

But if you don’t you can wait until Bubbles appear in the shop. He is a universal pet that increases all your Gold.

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Guide 5: What Heroes to Upgrade First in Tap Titans 2?

Tap Titans 2 have a lot of heroes with different animations and prices. Choosing what to upgrade first is kinda confusing. But don’t worry because I will tell you some tips that you can apply.

The first tip is upgrading and buying only the Heroes that you have a buff on them. For example, I have a buff that increases Magic Hero DMG, so I only buy Mage.

The second tip is to prioritize the higher price Heroes. The scaling of cheap Hero is not enough to be placed on the same level as expensive Hero. But that doesn’t mean you need to abandon them. Upgrade to them gets their skill bonus.

Guide 6: When Should You Prestige in Tap Titans 2?

In my first guide, I already tell you that you need to prioritize your Tap DMG rather than Heroes. One of the reasons is because it will give you Prestige advantages.

So this is when and how to Prestige in Tap Titans 2, first you need to reach stage 200 and claim your Skill Point, then turn on your Spam Mode by pressing the first Prestige button. You will start your stage at level 121 again, then reach stage 128 to do the second Prestige. In this phase, all you need to do is Prestige as fast as you can while your New Player bonus is still active.

Prestige is very important to get a new one or upgrade the Artifacts that you’ve already got. The fastest way to do this is by upgrading your Tap DMG. You can literally do this in less than 5 minutes if you do what I say in this Tap Titans 2 guide.

The point of doing these is to get more Relics as much as you want. Yes, there are no limitations on how much did you can get. The only thing that limits you is probably your time and sanity.

After you get tired of grinding the same thing again and again, let’s move on to the next Tap Titans 2 tips and guide.

Guide 7: Artifacts to Prioritize in the Early Game

Tap Titans 2 Guide Artifacts

Tap Titans 2 gives you a lot of choices when it comes to Artifact. It even has more numbers than Pet.

You can prioritize upgrading the Artifact that synergizes with your item and Pet. Focusing on things only will give you a better result than upgrading everything that you’ve got.

But if you still not getting anything to focus on, you can upgrade Artifact that increases your Tap DMG, All Heroes DMG, and Gold.

Or maybe you can spend your Relic to buy a new Artifact and hope that you get a universal Artifact like Book of Shadows that increase your Relic.

Guide 8: Speels to Prioritize First in Tap Titans 2

What is the best spell to use in the early game? Hand of Midas. This spell will give you a lot of gold bonuses from early until the mid game. Especially if you still haven’t a specific Artifact for your Sword Master.

But you also need a spell to defeat a Titan in case you are sticking. You can use Heavenly Strike if you stick with Tap Damage, and War Cry if you have already started to use Heroes DMG.

Heavenly Strike even though is the first spell and the cheapest one is actually a really good spell. You can depend on it to clear any giant that blocks your way.

War Cry can increase All Heroes DMG for some seconds. It will be much better if you already have a good Hero or a high-level expensive Hero.

Guide 9: What Skill Tree to Upgrade First?

Tap Titans 2 Guide Skill Tree

For beginner guides, Knight Skill Tree is what you need to look at. Especially the Will of Midas, it can give you a higher bonus of gold from Fairies. Is not just a bigger percentage, but it will multiply your Fairies’ gold.

If you are looking for more damage, Warlord Skill Tree can be your first choice because it will increase all of your Heroes’ damage drastically. This Skill Tree will be much better if you have Equipment or Artifacts that support it.

Summoner can also be your second choice if you want your Pet to deal more damage, but I don’t really recommend it since it’s still not comparable to Heroes’ DMG.

Guide 10: Fairies is Very Important

You will notice that Tap Titans 2 will use Fairies as their courier to send their prize to you. As a polite player who doesn’t like to refuse gifts, you can tap the fairies, and the prize will be yours.

But sometimes this is another way that Tap Titans 2 use to promote their promotional video. Is up to you whether you want to watch it or not.

For me myself, I will watch it if it has a big prize like Diamonds or a 90% discount for 60s. But when I’m broke, I usually take anything they give. At least this is how I pay them for playing a free mobile game.

Tap Titans 2 also has a special fairy called Mama Fairy, tapping them will give you a bonus Perk for a day.

Guide 11: Farm the Free Equipments

When you press the “Yellow Shirt” logo, you will find the Equipments menu. Tap Titans 2 divided it into 5 categories: Weapon, Hat, Shirt, Aura, and Weapon Aura.

You can collect all of those for free by tapping the pile of armory weapons. What you gonna get is random, but if RNG Gods are there with you, you will probably gonna get a Rare or even Legendary type of equipment.

Tapping them quickly when they just come will make the second pile come faster. Because it will be speeding up the queue.

Guide 12: Use Clan Feature in Tap Titans 2 to Prevent Boredom

The last tip and guide that I can share with you are to join a Clan. Grinding again and again probably gonna make you tired, and even bored. Joining a Clan will give you a community to share with other Tap Titans 2 players.

In the top-left, press the “Shield” logo, and search for a Clan that is suited for your gameplay. If you don’t find anything good, you can press Refresh. I prefer to join a Clan with at least 20 members. Because it has a higher probability of becoming an active clan.

You can also do a Solo Raid to kill a bigger Titans. But you can’t tap or swipe in any place, you need to aim it to destroy their body parts.

Once you defeated it, go to Mail and collect your rewards. It can be Equipment, Raid EXP, or even cards to help you do the next Raid.

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