Tap Titans 2 Pets Guide: What Pet Should You Use? Top 4

Besides hero, Tap Titans 2 gives a pet system to help you clear any stages faster and easier. Pet is a floating animal that looks like a bird with the ability to attack Titan and give you some buffs. In this Tap Titans 2 guide, I will give more specific information about pets.

Pets are the second most important element that can give you a lot of buff after Artifacts. Using pets correctly will make your way easier to become the Titan Slayer.

The problem with pets in Tap Titans 2 is how to earn and upgrade them is a little bit hard and time-consuming. It’s correct if they are helpful, but once you spend a lot of resources on the wrong pet, you just waste a lot of resources.

Choosing them correctly is very important if you don’t want to regret it in the future. So that’s why I’m writing this pets guide.

All of the pets in Tap Titans 2 have their own ability that makes them unique from one another. In total, there are at least 30 pets that you can choose to use to accompany your Sword Master.

So which one did you need to use? Let’s find out in this Tap Titans 2 pets guide.

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Guide #1 – Is There any Pets Tier List in Tap Titans 2?

I don’t really think that you need a tier list to classify all the pets in Tap Titans 2. Why? The simple answer is that all of them can be good depending on your build.

Let’s say that Fluffers is considered a great META pet because she can increase your Sword Master’s mana regen. Even though she is good, there is a lie between them.

What happens if a player does not depend on mana regen? Fluffers becomes totally useless.

Gamehive is already balancing its pet system unlike any other RPG game where this pet is a monster, and the other is just a mouse.

All pets in Tap Titans 2 are unique, you just need to use them depending on your build and situation.

But if you are still confused deciding what pet should you use, maybe this next guide can help you.

Guide #2 – 4 Universal Pets

These 4 pets that I will show you are the kind of pets that you don’t really need to be afraid to upgrading them.

You can use these pets almost in any team build conditions in Tap Titans 2. Let’s say right now you build a mage hero team, but if in the next you got legendary sword equipment that increases your warrior hero’s damage, with these pets you can stick with them.

Keep in mind because they have the universal ability, you need to sacrifice your scaling in the late game.

If a pet has increasing All Gold skill, in the late game, the number that you get will be smaller than Boss Gold for example. But don’t worry because this is supposed to happen in order to balance the game.

Bubbles, and Polly

Bubbles, and Polly can amplify All Gold. Meaning all the sources of your gold will get buffed by their ability.

As you already know, gold is one of the most important free resources in Tap Titans 2. Collecting them faster will definitely make your progress faster.

Nova, and Demos

They have the same ability to increase All Damage.

Along with time, you will get a lot of different artifacts and equipment. All of them have their own purpose.

If you invest your pet only on Nova or Demos, you don’t really need to worry about their degrading function because doesn’t suitable with what you got.

Worth to Mentions: Tempest, and Toto

Tempest, and Toto is a more specific version of Nova, and Demos. They will buff all of your heroes’ damage.

But because they have a more specific ability, made sure you already know the risk. In case you want to invest a lot of resources in one of them, make sure that you don’t want to depend on Tap DMG anymore.

In the late stages, Tempest and Toto are very worthy to use because heroes in Tap Titans 2 have a very large damage scaling.

Guide #3 – How to Get More Pets or Eggs?

As I said, you need a lot of time and resources to get a high-level pet. But there is good news, Tap Titans 2 has many sources to collect them, and some of them are free, meaning that you only need your time and in-game effort.

A pet guide won’t be complete without a guide on how to obtain it.

  1. Free 1 egg every 4 hours. The time is still calculated even when you are offline. The egg that you got is random, and between level 1 to level 5.
  2. Tournamants. Place your self on the higher result to get a better eggs.
  3. Daily Rewards. Log in each day in you will got a chance to get a free eggs.
  4. Pet Quests. You will be given up to 4 Pet Quest for each day, and when you finished it, you will be rewarded with pet exp.
  5. Shop. Every 6 hours the 6 pets that you see on the shop will change randomly.
  6. Chest. I don’t really recommend this way because it cost so much.

Guide #4 – All Pets in Tap Titans 2 has Active and Passive Skills

tap titans 2 pet skills guide
Picture by Gamehive

When you look at each pets’ information, you will notice that they have one active skill and one passive skill.

Active skill is a skill that is only activated if you use a certain pet. Tap Titans 2 limits how many pets you can use with one only, meaning that you need to be careful deciding it.

In the above, I have already told 3 pets recommendations for universal use. All of them is decided based on their active skill. Bubbles, for example, can increase your All Gold.

Meanwhile, Passive Skill is a skill that is still activated even when you are not using it. You only need to look at it in the mid to late stages situations.

Because the more and higher the levels of pets you collect, the better the result.

Guide #5 – All Pet List in Tap Titans 2

The last guide that I want to show is the list of pets in Tap Titans 2.

After you read all the guides above, I hope you can use them to decide what pets you gonna suit you the most.


Pet Active Skills


All Gold


All Gold


All Damage


All Damage


All Hero Damage


All Hero Damage


Tap Damage


Tp Damage


Mage Hero Damage


Mage Hero Damage


Warrior Hero Damage


Warrior Hero Damage


Ranger Hero Damage


Ranger Hero Damage


Ground Hero Damage


Fyling Hero Damage


Fairy Gold


Boss Gold


Multi Spawn Gold


Prestige Gold


Slash Primary Boost


Armor Primary Boost


Aura Primary Boost


Helmet Primary Boost


Sword Primary Boost


Non-Boss Damage


Boss Damage


Inactive Sneak Count

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