Undecember: Release Date, Pre-Registration, and Best Features

December has passed without Undecember being released globally. Many hack & slash fans have already waited for them to do that.

Three weeks ago, a lot of gaming media bring us good news about Undecember is already open their global pre-registration.

And from their Facebook page, on 2 January 2022, the number of people that already pre-register Undecember is already reaching 3 million. Such a big number for this kind of game.

That number was not only gathered from a mobile user on Playstore, but also a PC player from Steam.

Yes, this is a multiplatform game. If you have already played Genshin Impact, that’s an example of how good multi-platform games are, even though that game is kinda one of a kind.

Undecember Release Date

undecember features

Undecember will be released in South Korea on 13 January 2022. LINE Games doesn’t tell us any information about when this game gonna releases globally.

But, you can expect that LINE Games gonna do that on Q1 2022, while Undecember is still on the hype. Not too long, but not too fast.

Meaning, what you can do about this game right now is pre-registering if you want to play it.

Undecember Pre-Registration

You can do that by visiting this page, Undecember Play Store. And if you are using Iphone, you can visit this link, Undecember App Store.

If you are wondering, why I should do that? Is it really gonna fun? Then you can check some of their main features below.

Undecember Features

Set in a dark fantasy theme, Undecember brings us the hype like what Diablo is doing all this time.

The world building in Undecember is set in Traum. Long ago, Traum lived in peace, until one day, the 13th being called Evil God Serpent comes and destroys the world balance.

The Player will be set on a journey to defeat the Evil God Serpent by challenging all the enemies and creating a way through.

For me personally, what they offer from their trailer looks satisfying. You can select some weapons depending on what you need. Range? Melee? just choose whatever suited you the most.

Undecember brings gamers what some other RPGs can’t do, which is a lot of customization outside cosmetics. This game tries to do that by offering something called Zodiac, Rune, and Gear.

  • Zodiac: This is the first step to customize your character based on what’s on your mind. Basically, it’s like a Talent Tree. STR, DEX, and INT, is the root of your tree, from that you can choose whatever you want to go, or what do you think that gonna makes your character better by giving you a lot of new abilities..
  • Rune: You can modify and enhance the power of your skills by equipping Rune. Link Runes gonna make your Skill Runes got a new effect and new animation. Combine or link it by using your preferences.
  • Gear: Your items or equipments is what make your character stronger. Undecember has a lot of modification in this segment. You need to farm the material and enchant the equipment. They also say, you can get those materials from disassembling your unused gears. Meaning, you can do this without a specific farming route or criteria.

Are they gonna succeed and maintain their hype for a long time with all those features? Nobody knows.

What people know, this game has a big expectation with those 3 million numbers.

Besides playing on single-mode clearing all the campaigns, you can also play in multiplayer mode. You can join the Raid, Chaos Dungeon, Crusader of Glory, and Guild War. They also have Free Market so you can trade items with another player.

Also, as a multi-platform game, you will play along with people from different devices. You can use a controller to help you create a more comfortable environment.

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