Zio and the Magic Scrolls Tier List and Reroll Guide (February 2022)

Zio and the Magic Scrolls is the newest AFK RPG game from Superplanet. If you are already familiar with AFK Arena, then understand this game is gonna be an easy thing for you.

As an RPG game, having a tier list is a common thing. Zio and the Magic Scrolls are doing that too. They have their own tier list to classified their heroes.

They have a lot of heroes, and each hero is divided based on their rarities. Usually, the better the rarities, the better the heroes overall. But because this is not an original story game, there is probably more factor for them to decide which one is strong, and which one is not.

Zio and the Magic Scrolls is a Webtoon adaptation. Meaning most of the characters in this game will be translated from the comic.

Just like its name, Zio is the main character with S-rarity that you will get for free. I put him into B tier in this tier list.

If you are wondering how the other characters perform, and what tier list they are gonna get, read this Zio and the Magic Scrolls tier list to find out who is the best character in the game.

Find out which one you better keep, and which one you better roll in this tier list. But wait, if you are still confused about what you need to do in the early game, you may want to visit this early game guide.

Zio and The Magic Scrolls Tier List


Zio and the Magic Scrolls Characters


Exavius, Diogram, Gallistos, Bono, Petnak, Hrachas, Mei 


Muzel, Kenta, Inca, Michel, Tomie, Charles, Morrison, Rudemila 


Kueno, Tumia, White, Narfume, Marilyn, Silvia, Zbella, Choi Myeon Geol, Delph, 


Won, Fanzifei, Celsius & Fahrenheit, Zio, Tun, Pilgrim, Brien, Nyahu, Ganzo, Rai, Juan


Sumima, Centaur Warrior, Centaur Elite Archer, Khan

Zio and The Magic Scrolls Tier List for All Heroes

S-rarity Hero Skills and Their Tier List

This is the rarest rarity in Zio and the Magic Scrolls. Consider you are lucky if you can get one of them. Because the probability to get them is only 3,8%.

There are three heroes that have five skills, which is Exavius, Diogaram, and Gallistos. In this Zio and the Magic Scrolls tier list, I put all of them in the SS-tier. But unfortunately, getting one of them is harder than the other S-rarity heroes.

It’s already become common sense that the harder you get, the better you get. As you can see in the tier list above, SS and S-tier heroes in Zio and the Magic Scrolls are dominated by the rarest heroes in the game.

Exavius (SS): Constantly damaging enemies with his fire explosion, silence enemies, damage 1 enemy and stun them, increases ATK or physical damage reduction, reduces all enemy’s physical ATK, and increases allies’ magical ATK.

Diogoram (SS): Grants buff to allies (ATK SPD 25%, Move SPD 25%, Basic Mana Regeneration 25%) for 4s, Healing 1 ally, Bind 1 enemy for 3s, healing, apply shield and reduce damage to all allies, recovers target mana.

Gallistos (SS, strongest DPS in the tier list): Super high damage stacking, Attack single enemy for 4 times, Teleport to the next enemy if current target dies, increase own ATK when hitting shield, increases all allies physical damage.

Kueno (A): Recover all allies HP and increase, increases ATK SPD, give a shield to 1 ally.

Won (B): Increases HP and Mana, remove abnormal status, deals damage, and reduce damage to himself.

Bono (SS): Recovers mana to nearby allies and stun enemies, healing, increasing mana recovery. creating shield.

Muzel (S): Creating shield for all allies, creating a chain that makes enemy damage himself, reducing damage, applying shield for 1 ally.

Tumia (A): Dealing damage and stun, buffs ATK for nearby allies, reduces enemies ATK, increases own HP.

Petnak (SS): Buffing allies with bonus (ATK, ATK SPD, and moving speed), healing 1 ally, reduces enemies damage as well reducing incoming damage.

Kenta (S): Dealing damage and stun, provokes enemies, becomes immune for abnormal status if HP above 80%, reduces damage for himself.

Fanzifei (B): Stacking cold zone until creating a frozen status to enemies, deal high damage, move enemy in front of you, increasing own ATK, and has a chance to slow enemies with a basic attack.

Hrachas (SS): Healing himself, recovering from death while increasing ATK and DEF, creating a shield, increasing own HP. One of the most hardest heroes to die in this Zio and the Magic Scrolls tier list,

Inca (S): Reduces enemies Mana, randomly reduce 1 enemy DEF and ATK, reduce damage to himself, reduces enemy ATK by hitting them.

Celsius & Fahrenheit (B): Dealing damage and burn, creating a shield, dealing high damage and stun, reducing own evasion, and increasing DEF.

Michel (S): Deals high damage and reduce DEF, create a curse to 1 enemy and move to the next target if they death by this skill, increase own ATK (getting more if more ally dies).

White (A): Deals high damage to all enemies and 70% chance to inflict bleeding, buff himself with ATK and ATK SPD bonus.

Tomie (S): Heals all allies and buff their ATK, control 1 enemy, summon 2 dolls, summon kamikaze doll and greatly reduce enemy mana.

Marilyn (A): Summon Dark Knight that reduces enemies mana, summon Felcromer that taunts nearby enemies, reduces mana recovery for 1 enemy, becomes frozen when HP below 50%.

Narfume (A): Deals high damage and enchant enemies so they attack their friends, transfer 1 enemy ATK SPD to herself.

Zio (B): Deals high damage and stun them, recover own HP, silence 1 enemy.

Sumima (C, I suggest u to reroll if u get him, just like what I do): Deals high damage, reflects magic damage, increases Mana recovery after using skills.

Charles (S): Deals damage, gives nearby enemies debuff (ATK SPD, moving speed, DEF), creates a shield for 1 ally, stun 1 enemy.

Mei (SS): Deals damage and recover herself, stun, 30% chance to reflect damage, taunt 2 enemies, and create a shield.

Silvia (B): Deals damage and burn, has the probability to stun herself, increase own Crit DMG, each time using skills increase skill damage.

Morrison (S): Dealing high damage and reducing nearby enemies mana, stun, teleport to enemies, stacking skills to stun enemies.

Tun (B): Deals damage, marking enemies with stacks to reset CD, attacking marking enemies increases ATK and DEF for himself.

Rudemila (A): Deals damage and stun, create a shield, reduces received enemies skill damage, taking damage will reduce enemies mana.

A-rarity Hero Skills and Their Tier List

They still have a maximum of four skills. But, there is a limit on how much you can upgrade them.

In the early game, there is no problem with that as long as they are strong enough as an individual or at least get an A-tier in the Zio and the Magic Scrolls tier list.

But when you face harder and stronger enemies in the late games, having an A-rarity hero is probably not enough. The main problem is that they will lose their power because of bad power scaling.

So for this rarity, I only put them maximum on A tier in this Zio and the Magic Scrolls tier list.

Pilgrim (B): Damaging nearby enemies, reducing 1 enemy ATK and DEF, reducing received damage, healing himself.

Centaur Warrior (C): Deals little damage, stun nearby enemies, increases own HP, increases incoming healing for herself.

Centaur Elite Archer (C): Deals high damage to 1 enemy, increases own ATK, increases own ATK SPD.

Brien (B): Recovers nearby allies, increases own HP, increases own DEF.

Nyahu (B): Taunt nearby enemies and increase own DEF, knocks back 1 enemy, increase own HP, reduce received damage.

Ganzo (B): Buffing himself (ATK, DEFF, ATK SPD), deals damage and bind 1 enemy, increases own ATK, increases own HP.

Zbella (A): Dealing little damage and stun enemies, reduces enemy movement speed, increases own ATK, having 20% chance to reduce enemies DEF with a basic attack.

Choi Myeon Geol (A): Dealing damage while reducing enemies ATK and DEF, recovers HP, increases own ATK, having 20% chance to reduce enemies ATK with a basic attack.

Rai (B): Dealing high damage to nearby enemies and knocks back, 30% chance to stun enemy, increases own HP, using basic attack will restore HP.

Khan (C): Dealing high damage to 1 enemy, increases own ATK, 30% chance to reduce enemies healing rate.

Delph (A): Dealing damage with 50% chance to stun, freezes 1 enemy and inflict high damage, increases own DEF, giving shield to 1 ally.

Juan (B): Deals super high damage with 20% chance frozen 1 enemy, increases own ATK, creating a small shield.

How to Reroll in Zio and the Magic Scrolls?

Before you choose to reroll your account, at least you need to clear stages 1-12, so you can claim the grand prize which is 3000 Diamonds.

After clearing that stage, claim all the redeem codes that you can see here, Zio and the Magic Scrolls Redeem Codes.

zio tier list

In total, I can pull more than 40 times, which is more than enough to reach the pity for S-rarity Hero.

But if you are not satisfied with what you get, like me for example, you can choose to reroll your account.

Actually, rerolling in this game is very simple and fast. You don’t need a complicated process like deleting cache, or even APK. You just need to do this:

  • Go to Settings menu located in top right corner (gear logo)
  • In game setting tab, click Account.
  • You will see two buttons, press the left one which is Reset Account.
  • Confirm by enter the confirmation number.
  • Start the game again.

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